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June 2017
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Rhopalostylis Sapida also known as Nikau is a palm tree

Rhopalostylis Sapida also known as Nikau is a palm tree.

Overview of Rhopalostylis Sapida or Nikau

• The other common names: – Nikau grove – Paraparaumu • This is endemic to New Zealand. • This is the only palm native to New Zealand. • N?kau is a Maori word. • This is located in Eastern […]

Myoporum Laetum or Ngaio is a tree belonging to family Scrophulariaceae.

Images of Myoporum Laetum or Ngaio at

Myoporum Laetum is a tree that belongs to the family Scrophulariaceae.

Overview of Myoporum Laetum or Ngaio

• This tree is also known by the names: – Ngaio – Mousehole tree – False sandalwood • It is a native to New Zealand. • Ngaio is a […]

Metrosideros Umbellata is a tree endemic to New Zealand.

Images of Metrosideros Umbellata at

Metrosideros Umbellata, is really a tree endemic to New Zealand.

Overview of Metrosideros Umbellata

• It grows upto 15m and up tall. • The trunk is about 1 m or higher in diameter. • It makes many red flowers in summer. • This species rarely grow as […]

Prumnopitys Taxifolia, also known as Matai or Jeffrey’s pine

Images of Prumnopitys Taxifolia or Mataiat

Prumnopitys Taxifolia alias Matai or Jeffrey’s pine is surely an endemic New Zealand coniferous tree.

Overview of Prumnopitys Taxifolia or Matai

• It grows within the North Island and South Island. • It occurs on Stewart Island or Rakiura but is uncommon there. • It grows up […]