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June 2017
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Growing White Roses in your Garden – Tips and care

All flowers are beautiful but none can match the majesty and elegance of roses. Also known as the “ Queen of flowers”, roses come in almost every spectrum of colour. White roses, in particular, are known for their beauty and fragrance. Their brilliant white and rich creamy look can give any garden that gorgeous effect. […]

Dangers posed by voles, rats and mice in your garden, and how to deal with these pests

These 3 are the big pests, infecting both the home and the garden (and seems quite obvious, if you have mice in your garden, you are likely to also find them in your house). All these rodents now live in close proximity to human beings, and make their living from the waste we generate, such […]

How to Grow a Lemon Plant in a Home Garden – Tips and techniques for best growing and for more fruits

Description of a Lemon Plant

The lemon; a member of the citrus family is well-known for it’s sour taste and antiseptic properties. This yellow fruit is used to prepare nutritional drinks; for garnishing; marinating meat; in fruit pulps; in aromatherapy; as a deodorizer and has innumerable other cooling, inflammatory and diuretic uses. The advantages of […]

Beaucarnea Recurvata – Pony Tail Plant, how to grow and what are the growing conditions.

The Pony Tail plant is also known as the Pony Tail palm, although it is not really a palm. It is actually a member of the lily family and grows well in USDA zones 9a to 11 but can be grown indoors in other climates. The plant is native to the deserts of Mexico and […]