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June 2017
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Poa Diaboli or Diablo Canyon bluegrass is a species of grass

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Poa Diaboli which is also called Diablo Canyon bluegrass is a species of grass.

Overview of Poa Diaboli

• This is a rare species of grass. • It is endemic to: San Luis Obispo County, California. • The grass is found on: – rugged mountaintops – north-facing slopes […]

Festuca Ligulata or Guadalupe Fescue is a species of grass

Images of Festuca Ligulata at

Festuca Ligulata, also known by the name Guadalupe fescue, is a species of grass.

Overview of Festuca Ligulata

• It can found in Texas and Coahuila. • This is a rhizomatous perennial grass. • It forms clumps of stems. • These stems can grow up to a height […]

Mentha Spicata or Curly Mint is a mint species.

Images of Mentha spicata at

Introduction of Mentha Spicata

• Mentha spicata is also known as M. viridis, syn M. cordifolia Spearmint, Curly mint. • It is a mint species. • It is a native to much of Europe and southwest Asia. • It grows in wet soils. • It is an invasive […]

Mentha Aquatic – a perennial plant in genus Mentha.

Introduction to Mentha Aquatic

• Mentha aquatic is a perennial plant in the genus Mentha which is a native throughout Europe. • In Europe except for the extreme north, and also northwest Africa and southwest Asia, it is found. • It is an herbaceous rhizomatous perennial plant. • It can grow upto a height of […]