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June 2017
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What is a Herbivore Manure? What are the steps to prepare herbivore manure?

What is Manure?

• Manure is an excellent fertilizer and soil amendment. • They are high in content of vegetable matter and relatively low levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. • Composting manure prior to use is recommended. • This is particularly true on certain “hot” manures, such as horse manure, which may burn plants. […]

Organic Farming: How to prepare the soil ?

Soil preparation is critical if you are going in for organic farming. You do not have the liberty of adding a load of chemical fertilizers later if you find some deficiencies in the soil; and the motto for organic farming remains, “do adequate preparation rather than react later”. Making sure that the soil is healthy […]

Tips for growing organic food – 1

Organic food has a lot of promises. At the very base level, organic food meets the expectation of people that their food be grown without a fertilizer and chemical cocktail. In organic farming, some of the concepts revolve around food growing practices that rely on crop rotation, green manure, compost, biological pest control, and mechanical […]

Preparing a good composting pile – the procedure

Compost is raw material for plants, an incredible boost to getting great plants. And this is something that can be made at home without too much effort or complication; however, not everybody is able to get it right. So here are some steps to ensure that you can prepare compost.

Where to make compost in: […]