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May 2017
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Kitchen Garden – Damage aphids can do, and steps to remove aphids from your garden – tips and techniques

One of the most common pests in a kitchen garden are called Aphids, these are very small creatures (insects) with a pear shape and soft in texture. Aphids have a long antenna, with 2 short tubes projecting from the ends of their abdomen. There are different varieties of Aphids, some having wings that are transparent. […]

Kitchen Garden – Damage ants can do, and steps to remove ants from your garden – tips and techniques

A lot of people will argue that ants really don’t do any direct damage to plants, and they would be right; but, when you consider the overall structure that ants build up in a garden, they can really cause damage in an indirect way. Ants build nests, and these nests cause damage to anything in […]

More detail about organic insecticides

Organic insecticides are a prime need for those who are into organic farming. In organic farming, you depend on your farming methods to ensure that your plants do not have pests, but even when there are pests, you can learn to ignore some of them as long as they are not enough to cause damage […]

Organic Farming: Using Neem as a natual organic insecticide

Neem is a tree found primarily in India. Neem has been used for a long time for a variety of purposes in India, such as a natural toothbrush, its dried leaves are used when packing clothes so as to protect against insects. In addition, the oils from Neem are used as part of making soap […]