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May 2017
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What do you do with Chickweed when it grows in your garden ?

Most weeds are generally easy targets because of the rapid early spring that allows them to grow in the garden. Chickweed is known as one of the most common weeds that are taking over the banks and beds of grass. You can easily identify and controlling chickweed is not a big problem, especially in cultivated […]

Stock Night Scented Starlight Scentsation

Stock Night Scented Starlight Scentsation (Matthiola longipetala ssp. bicornis) It belongs to Genus: Matthiola. Stock night scented starlight scentsation are hardy annual and are in mixed colors.The leaves are grey-green and linear in shape. They are heavily scented or perfumed and are in blend of wonderful pastel shades. Just as ordinary ones, they are easy […]

Sidalcea (botanical name of the family Malvaceae)

Sidalcea is also known as checkerbloom or checkermallows as it contains several species of flowers. Sidalcea is a genus of the botanical family Malvaceae. Sidalcea and members of Sidalcea are Perennials. They grow in height of upto 60cm to 2.5metres. The flowers are Purple, white or pink in color and the leaves are of palmately […]

Spiderwort – also known as “Cow slobber”

Spiderwort is also known as “Cow slobber” as it excretes a juice from its sap which stretches and is thread like and silky. It is of gooey quality and since it is silky as that of a spider web, hence the name Spiderwort. Spiderworts are native of America. They are of monocot class, which is […]