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June 2017
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Some tips for growing vegetables in your garden

There can be a hundred tips for growing vegetables in your garden, especially if you consider the wide variety of vegetables and fruits that people can grow in their garden, that they can grow in the ground or in containers, that they can grow in a variety of seasons (although it is universally recognized that […]

Echium Pininana is also known as Pine Echium

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Echium Pininana is a plant that is indigenous to La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Overview of Echium Pininana

It is commonly known as: – Tree Echium – Pine echium – Giant Viper’s Bugloss • It is presently cultivated in gardens of Britain as well as Ireland. • […]

Deschampsia is a genus of grass

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Deschampsia is a genus of grass.

Overview of Deschampsia

• It belongs to the family Poaceae. • It is popularly known as: – hair grass – tussock grass • There are about 30 to 40 species in this genus. • Deschampsia species are used as food plants. • They […]

Dactylanthus Taylorii is a parasitic plant

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Dactylanthus Taylorii is a fully parasitic plant. It is also known as wood rose or Hades flower.

Overview of Dactylanthus Taylorii

• It thrives and develops on the roots of other specific trees in New Zealand. • The host tree forms a burl-like structure which is similar to […]