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April 2017
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Puccinellia Nutkaensis, also known as Nootka alkali grass

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Puccinellia Nutkaensis is also known by the following names: • Nootka alkali grass • Alaska alkali grass

It is native to: • North America • from Alaska • across northern Canada • to Greenland • Nova Scotia • down the west coast of the United States • to […]

Deschampsia is a genus of grass

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Deschampsia is a genus of grass.

Overview of Deschampsia

• It belongs to the family Poaceae. • It is popularly known as: – hair grass – tussock grass • There are about 30 to 40 species in this genus. • Deschampsia species are used as food plants. • They […]

Poa Unilateralis is a perennial grass

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Poa Unilateralis is also known by the names: – San Francisco bluegrass – Ocean bluff bluegrass – Sea-bluff bluegrass • It is a species of grass. • It is native to: – west coast of the United States – from Washington – to central California • It grows […]

Poa Trivialis is a perennial plant

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Poa Trivialis which is also known by the common names like Rough bluegrass or Rough-stalked meadow-grass is a perennial plant.

Overview of Poa Trivialis

• It is considered to be an ornamental plant in America. • It is part of the Poa family. • All through the England, […]