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June 2017
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Composting: Rain water got into the pit – What to do ?

Making compost is a fairly easy task, and once you have started making such compost at home, it can be done fairly easily. However, for the newbie, it seems a daunting task initially (or seems to become one when some problems occurs with the composting process). The secret to making compost is very simple, there […]

Whether to use cardboard as a part of making compost ?

The idea of whether to use cardboard as an ingredient for making compost has been very confused over the years ? There are people who advocate using cardboard as a part of compost, while others totally stay away from it and claim that there is no point of using cardboard, that it does not add […]

Steps to create compost at home using a clay pot and kitchen waste (and a couple other waste items)

There are numerous ways of making compost at home (we are ignoring larger scale community practices or those used by farms), concentrating on what an individual family can do. If you search on the internet, people have posted many ways – Some use clay pots, some use buckets, some use barrels, some use specialized equipment […]

What is Leaf Mold? What are its benefits? How to make leaf mold?

Leaf mold is a form of compost produced by the fungal breakdown of shrub and tree leaves.

Overview of Leaf Mold

• These are generally too dry, acidic, or low in nitrogen for bacterial decomposition. • Due to the slow decaying nature of their high carbon content, dry leaves break down far more slowly than […]