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February 2018
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Echium Pininana is also known as Pine Echium

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Echium Pininana is a plant that is indigenous to La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Overview of Echium Pininana

It is commonly known as: – Tree Echium – Pine echium – Giant Viper’s Bugloss • It is presently cultivated in gardens of Britain as well as Ireland. • […]

Deschampsia is a genus of grass

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Deschampsia is a genus of grass.

Overview of Deschampsia

• It belongs to the family Poaceae. • It is popularly known as: – hair grass – tussock grass • There are about 30 to 40 species in this genus. • Deschampsia species are used as food plants. • They […]

Dactylanthus Taylorii is a parasitic plant

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Dactylanthus Taylorii is a fully parasitic plant. It is also known as wood rose or Hades flower.

Overview of Dactylanthus Taylorii

• It thrives and develops on the roots of other specific trees in New Zealand. • The host tree forms a burl-like structure which is similar to […]

Collard greens are part of the Acephala Group

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Collard greens are the American English term for several loose-leafed Brassica oleracea cultivators.

Overview of Collard Greens

• They are part of the Acephala Group. • The plants are cultivated for their dark-colored and large edible leaves. • It is an ornamental plant for the garden. • The […]