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June 2017
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Duchess of Edinburg- Clematis – Also called “Queen of the Garden”

This is a large flowering hybrid plant. It is also called “Queen of Garden”. It can grow up to a height of 8-12′ (2.5-3.5m), (6 to 10 feet). The flower blooms in May, June and September. The vine can spread one meter wide. The flowers are 4-6″(10-15cm) in size. They are double flowers, large, rosette-like […]

Silver lace vine or Polygonum aubertii (aka Fleece Flower or China Fleece Vine)

Silver lace vine is also called as Fleece Flower or China Fleece Vine. Silver lace vine is one of the fastest growing vines that thrive from zones 4 to 9 (in terms of climate). The Vine can grow up to 20 feet in one year. Silver lace vine has bright green foliage. It has White, […]

Black-Eyed Susan Vine Spanish Eyes : how to grow, soil conditions and care that should be taken.

The Black Eyed Susan Vine (Spanish Eyes Blend), ‘Thunbergia alata’, is a vigorous vine with sunset colored, dark eyed flowers. The Spanish Eyes Blend is a very fast growing vine with a unique blend of warm colors which contrast brilliantly with the dark “Spanish” eyes.

Characteristics of Black eyed Susan Vine

– The flowers […]

Campsis Radicans – how to grow and what soil conditions required.

Campsis radicans is native to the southeastern and Gulf Coast region of the United States where it grows along fences and at the edge of woodlands. Campsis radicans are also known as Trumpet Creeper or Trumpet Vines.

Characteristics of Campsis Radicans

– The trumpet creeper is a fast growing, high climbing deciduous woody vine […]