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Origanum vulgare ‘Compacta Nana’ is a perennial herb.

Images of Origanum vulgare ‘Compacta Nana’ at

Origanum vulgare ‘Compacta Nana’ is a perennial herb.

Overview of Origanum vulgare ‘Compacta Nana’

• This herb can grow 10″ tall and 2′ – 3′ wide. • It grows well in zones 5a-10b. • It is a very fine culinary herb. • It grows into an […]

Origanum vulgare Onites is a tender perennial.

Images of Origanum vulgare Onites at

Origanum vulgare Onites, which is also known as Cretan oregano, Turkish oregano, rigani, pot marjoram is a tender perennial.

Overview of Origanum vulgare Onites

• This herb can grow up to a height of 18 inches. • It has pale green to gray-green woolly rounded foliage. • […]

Origanum Vulgare Hirtum is also known as Greek oregano.

Images of Origanum Vulgare Hirtum at

Origanum Vulgare Hirtum, which is also known as Greek oregano is a common source of cultivars with a different aroma.

Overview of Origanum Vulgare Hirtum

• Growth is vigorous and very hardy. • The foliage is darker green and slightly hairy. • It is considered the best […]

Origanum vulgare gracile is a common species of Origanum.

Images of Origanum vulgare gracile at

Origanum vulgare gracile is originally from Kyrgyzstan. Oregano, scientifically named Origanum vulgare by Carolus Linnaeus, is a common species of Origanum.

Overview of Origanum vulgare gracile

• It is a genus of the mint family (Lamiaceae). • It is native to warm-temperate western and southwestern Eurasia and […]