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June 2017
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Kitchen Garden – Damage ants can do, and steps to remove ants from your garden – tips and techniques

A lot of people will argue that ants really don’t do any direct damage to plants, and they would be right; but, when you consider the overall structure that ants build up in a garden, they can really cause damage in an indirect way. Ants build nests, and these nests cause damage to anything in […]

Organic Farming: How to prepare the soil ?

Soil preparation is critical if you are going in for organic farming. You do not have the liberty of adding a load of chemical fertilizers later if you find some deficiencies in the soil; and the motto for organic farming remains, “do adequate preparation rather than react later”. Making sure that the soil is healthy […]

How to start an Organic Garden – tips

What do you mean by Organic Gardening ? Organic Gardening primarily means not using synthetic products such as fertilizers and pesticides. It means working much more closely with nature, and using natural means to increase the level of ingredients and essential materials such as nitrogen to the soil, and using natural means to counter pests […]

Non-chemical ways of controlling pests

FLAME WEEDING – This method can be done with a small propane torch, however for larger areas one of the weed flaming torches is an excellent tool. Weed flaming has long been a practice on organic farms in Europe. The point of flaming is not to charbroil the weeds, but heat them just enough that […]