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June 2017
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Tilia Mandshurica belongs to the family of Tiliaceae.

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Tilia Mandshurica, also known as Manchurian Lime is a deciduous Tree belonging to the family Tiliaceae.

Overview of Tilia Mandshurica

• The Manchurian linden is a medium sized tree from the kind of Linden. • The natural range of the species is in China, the Korean Peninsula and […]

Phyla Nodiflora – a perennial belonging to Verbenaceae family.

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Phyla Nodiflora is a perennial belongs to Verbenaceae family.

Overview of Phyla Nodiflora

• Common names are frog fruit, sawtooth fogfruit and turkey tangle. • It is an ornamental plant. • It is native to South America and the United States. • It can be found in tropical […]

Lippia Adoensis is a species belonging to genus Verbenaceae.

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Lippia is a genus of flowering plants and it belongs to the verbena family Verbenaceae. Lippia adoensis or Koseret leaves is a species that belongs to this genus.

Overview of Lippia adoensis or Koseret leaves

• Koseret is used as traditional medicine in Zimbabwe. • It is used […]

Wattleseeds – edible seeds from any of the 120 species of Australian Acacia.

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Wattleseeds are the edible seeds from any of the 120 species of Australian Acacia.

Overview of Wattleseeds

• These seeds were used by Australian Aborigines as food. • They were consumed either green or dried which was used to make a type of bush bread. Acacia seed flour is […]