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May 2017
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Details about Flax Plant

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• Flax is a plant which has played a significant part in the cultural and economic background of New Zealand for both the Maori people along with the later European settlers. • The 2 local species and their cultivars are likewise employed as garden plants.

Traditional Maori Uses • […]

Astelia Nervosa ‘Westland’ is commonly known as Bush flax ‘Westland’

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This plant is commonly known as Bush flax ‘Westland’ and it belongs to genus Astelia. These plants belong to the family, Asteliaceae.

Overview of Astelia Nervosa ‘Westland’

• It is an evergreen perennial. • It forms silvery, arching sword-like leaves. • These leaves have a tendency to […]

Poa Arida is a species of grass

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Poa Arida is also known by the common names Plains bluegrass and Prairie speargrass. It is a species of grass.

Overview of Poa Arida

• It is native to North America. • It occurs throughout western and central Canada. • It is also native to central United States. […]

Elymus is a genus of perennial grasses

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Elymus is a genus of perennial grasses. They belong to the tribe Triticeae.

Overview of Elymus

• It has lot of primary cereal grains. • Plants belonging to this genus are best known all over as wildrye or wheatgrass. • There are actually a minimum of 150 varieties in […]