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September 2013
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Echium Pininana is also known as Pine Echium

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Echium Pininana is a plant that is indigenous to La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Overview of Echium Pininana

It is commonly known as:
– Tree Echium
– Pine echium
– Giant Viper’s Bugloss
• It is presently cultivated in gardens of Britain as well as Ireland.
• Its native habitat is laurel forests.
• This plant is a biennial or triennial.
• It shows less leaf in the first year.
• Later, it produces a dense mass of leaves.
• It bears 4 meters flower pike.
• This pike carries the leaves and flowers.
• The flowers are small and blue in color.

Scientific Classification of Echium Pininana

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Eudicots
• (unranked) : Asterids
• Order : (unplaced)
• Family : Boraginaceae
• Genus : Echium
• Species : E. pininana
• Binomial name : Echium pininana

Growing/Caring conditions

• Echium is among the grandest spring-flowering plants.
• It’s big flamboyant blossoms imitate feather dusters but keep themselves ever so truly poised above leather-leafed stalks.
• Every spike comprises of tiny florets that stay open for a couple weeks experiencing the new found sun before perishing to a luxuriant brown hue.
• The Echium is amongst those plants that constantly manage to get your focus when it’s found in a garden.
• Its architectural elegance, each from the foliage clumps as well as the parading spears is a clear winner to include them to any kind of garden.
• Numerous cooler climate backyards will be able to cultivate them as annuals. Those that take pleasure in warmer climes choose to develop them as biannuals or perennials. Developing them over several years enables the clump to develop fully and deliver plenty of blooms.
• Echiums are a favorite of termites (white ants) so if you encounter these types of pests entering your residence timbers, growing an echium as an “offering” will help keep them in check.
• This means you are going to ultimately lose your echium plant, however, it could save your house.

How to take care of the Echium plant?

• Your echium is going to flourish as long as they are provided sufficient moisture.
• Ideal is to have a good draining soil but the majority of sandy loams without any nutrition can suit these plants fine.
• Full sunshine is yet another pre-requisite for taking care of the Echium plants, but with even about six hours in sunshine they do well.
• Developing these in shade is going to contribute to plenty of rotting foliage and also result in fungal issues for this plant.

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