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September 2013
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Poa Poiformis is a species of meadow grass

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Poa Poiformis which is also known as coast tussock-grass and blue tussock-grass is a species of meadow grass.

Overview of Poa Poiformis

• Poa poiformis is a densely tufted grass.
• It is an erect and a perennial tussock grass.
• It bears unique blue-green leaves.
• These leaves develop to roughly one metre high.
• Its inflorescence are organized in a thick panicle approximately thirty cm long.
• It is actually a native to coastal southern Australia in which it occurs along sea foreshores, estuaries, dunes as well as cliffs.
• P.poiformis is usually available on Kangaroo Island ( South Australia ) and Lord Howe Island ( New South Wales ).

Cultural Characteristics
• fast developing
• extremely hardy
• grows in full sun or part shade
• grows in possibly moist or dry conditions in many soil types

• Pruned yearly to eradicate spent seed heads
• Generally late summer
• This is in order to promote new growth
• It tolerates drought and frost
• Flowering season : Spring and Summer
• Floral Colour: Bears clusters of compact green to yellow spikelets

Foliage color
– Blue grey foliage
– With inflorescences displaying clusters of large green to purple spikelets
– These are available in spring and summer.
– The leaf blades are soft on the outer surface.
• Width up to 1m
• Height : up to 1m
• Plant spacing : 50cm away from each other for mass plantings and 1m apart for specimen plantation
• Recommended uses : Features raising or re-vegetation projects.
• They belong to Pooideae subfamily of the Poaceae family.

Lepidoptera whose caterpillars use Poa as its food include:
• Agriphila inquinatella
• Cercyonis pegala
• Poanes hobomok
• Poanes zabulon

Scientific Classification of Poa Poiformis

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Monocots
• (unranked) : Commelinids
• Order : Poales
• Family : Poaceae
• Genus : Poa
• Species : P. poiformis
• Binomial name: Poa poiformis

Growing/Caring Conditions

• This is an incredibly easily grown plant.
• It succeeds in well-drained soils.
• It prefers moderately fertile soil.
• It grows well in a sunny position.
• It can tolerate very acid soils.
• This plant is a very common garden weed.
• It usually does not require cultivation.
• This is an essential food plant for the caterpillars of numerous species of butterfly.
• It is seen growing in close cut lawns.
• The seed drops very readily in the plant and hence is difficult to harvest.
• But this way the seed is spread effortlessly.
• It makes the flower even more difficult to eradicate.
• A lot of the species are very important pasture plants.
• They are used extensively by grazing livestock.
• Many of the Poa species are popular for gardens as well as for landscaping in New Zealand.

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