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August 2013
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Elymus is a genus of perennial grasses

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Elymus is a genus of perennial grasses. They belong to the tribe Triticeae.

Overview of Elymus

• It has lot of primary cereal grains.
• Plants belonging to this genus are best known all over as wildrye or wheatgrass.
• There are actually a minimum of 150 varieties in this genus.
• Wheatgrass clippings consist of vitamins A, C, E and B complex.
• Nibbling the grass and juicing get ranking very high among health aficionados.
• Generally people consume wheatgrass through one ounce shots at fitness food bars.
• Few owners of the dog purchase grown wheatgrass at their pet super market for their pets grazing.

Selected species of Elymus

• Elymus alaskanus
• Elymus albicans
• Elymus californicus
• Elymus canadensis
• Elymus cinereus
• Elymus elymoides
• Elymus glaucus
• Elymus hirsutus
• Elymus hoffmannii
• Elymus hystrix
• Elymus lanceolatus
• Elymus macrourus
• Elymus magellanicus
• Elymus mollis
• Elymus multisetus
• Elymus repens
• Elymus scribneri
• Elymus sibericus
• Elymus sierrae
• Elymus stebbinsii
• Elymus trachycaulus
• Elymus virginicus
• Elymus wawawaiensis

Scientific Classification of Elymus

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Monocots
• (unranked) : Commelinids
• Order : Poales
• Family : Poaceae
• Subfamily : Pooideae
• Tribe : Triticeae
• Genus : Elymus

Growing/Caring conditions

• Sun to part shade
• Grows well in sandy loam
• Excellent drainage
• Ample water
• Struggles in hot and dry conditions
• Struggles in cold and wet winters and also in humid summers

How to grow?
• Buy wheat seeds from a garden center, health food store or an online seed seller.
• Consider wheatgrass developing kits that generally contain five pounds of organic seed, growing trays, soil and directions.
• Soak the seeds in a glass jar or box of water between eight to twelve hours.
• Combine peat moss with growing soil in a ratio one part to three and place 2 inches deep in a growing tray.
• These types of trays possess holes and accessible at nurseries as well as home and garden shops.
• Water the soil after spreading the wheat grass seeds uniformly on the top.
• Cover the seeds gently with peat moss and also water making use of a spray bottle.
• Soak the soil each morning and gently spray at dusk for 3 days, later on when needed.
• Place the wheatgrass far from direct sunshine for about 10 days until prepared to harvest.
• Cut the grass with scissors ½ inch above the soil whenever it attains seven inches.

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