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August 2013
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Agrostis – also known as bent or bentgrass

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Agrostis is also known as bent or bentgrass.
• It is a genus that has over 100 species.
• It belongs to the grass family Poaceae.
• Certain main traditional lawn grasses are part of this genus.

Some selected species
• Agrostis aequivalvi
• Agrostis avenacea
• Agrostis blasdalei
• Agrostis canina
• Agrostis capillaris
• Agrostis castellana
• Agrostis clavata
• Agrostis curtisii
• Agrostis densiflora
• Agrostis elliottiana
• Agrostis exarata
• Agrostis gigantea
• Agrostis goughensis
• Agrostis hallii
• Agrostis hendersonii
• Agrostis hooveri
• Agrostis howellii
• Agrostis hyemalis
• Agrostis idahoensis
• Agrostis magellanica
• Agrostis mannii
• Agrostis media
• Agrostis mertensii
• Agrostis microphylla
• Agrostis oregonensis
• Agrostis pallens
• Agrostis perennans
• Agrostis scabra
• Agrostis stolonifera
• Agrostis tandilensis
• Agrostis trachychlaena
• Agrostis variabilis
• Agrostis vinealis

Uses and Advantages of Agrostis

– lawn grass
– golf course tees
– fairways
– greens
– turf applications

Advantages of Agrostis
• It is known for its numerous advantages.
• This can be mowed to an extremely short length without harm.
• It actually can manage lots of foot traffic.
• It bears a shallow root system which is thick and dense.
• It enables it to be seeded and cultivate relatively easily.
• It has a pleasurable, deep green look.
• The name “bent” pertains to the shallow roots, which lean just below the surface of the soil to grow laterally.

There are 3 very common species of Agrostis:
– Creeping Bent
– Common Bent
– Velvet Bent

Butterfly food plant
Butterflies whose caterpillars grow by feeding on Agrostis include:
• Zabulon Skipper
• Poanes zabulon

Scientific Classification of Agrostis

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Monocots
• (unranked) : Commelinids
• Order : Poales
• Family : Poaceae
• Genus : Agrostis

Growing/Caring conditions

• This grass has to be sown with seeds.
• It has to undercover.
• Sow around in March and April.
• sow the seeds about 20 seeds for every square inch of soil.
• Plant out with an inter spacing of about 20 cm.
• After sowing this grass shows flowering around 10-12 weeks later.
• It needs a well drained soil to flourish well.
• It needs plenty of sunlight to grow well.
• Water the soil well.
• The soil needs to kept moist until germination.
• The germination height is about 2 inches.
• Plant bent grass in the fall.
• This is the time when weeds are less.
• Avoid using herbicides while in the process of seeding.

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