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August 2013
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Cenchrus is a genus of 25 varieties of grasses

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Cenchrus is a genus of concerning 25 varieties of grasses in the family Poaceae.

Overview of Cenchrus

• Popular names include:
– Buffelgrasses
– Sandburs
– Sand spur
• Certain botanists incorporate the genus within the relevant genus Pennisetum.
• Buffelgrass is a shrubby grass to 1 .5 ft tall and 3 ft wide.
• It appears like a bunchgrass once small (either a seedling or perhaps recently burned, grazed, or cut).
• Older plants branch excessively as well as densely at nodes, providing mature plants a cluttered look.
• These types of nodal divides produce new leaves and also flower spikes very fast after light rains, helping to make buffelgrass an exceptionally prolific seed producer .
• Buffelgrass could in fact be a fire hazard when you live in a improperly irrigated climate, which most likely means you reside in a warmer climate.
• Buffelgrass, in spite of this, can be a striking addition to the landscaping that can bring height, depth and inflorescence elegance.
• This may also be developed as top quality hay.
• Dispersing the seeds is comparable to that of other crops.

Species of Cenchrus

• Cenchrus agrimonioides Trin.
• Cenchrus australis R.Br.
• Cenchrus biflorus Roxb.
• Cenchrus brownii Roem. & Schult.
• Cenchrus caliculatus Cav.
• Cenchrus ciliaris L.
• Cenchrus distichophyllus
• Cenchrus echinatus L.
• Cenchrus elymoides
• Cenchrus gracillimus Nash
• Cenchrus lappaceus L.
• Cenchrus longispinus
• Cenchrus mitis Andersson
• Cenchrus multiflorus J.Presl
• Cenchrus myosuroides Kunth
• Cenchrus palmeri Vasey
• Cenchrus pilosus Kunth
• Cenchrus platyacanthus Andersson
• Cenchrus prieurii
• Cenchrus purpurascens Thunb.
• Cenchrus robustus
• Cenchrus somalensis
• Cenchrus spinifex Cav.
• Cenchrus tribuloides L.

Scientific Classification of Cenchrus or Buffelgrass

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Monocots
• (unranked) : Commelinids
• Order : Poales
• Family : Poaceae
• Subfamily : Panicoideae
• Tribe : Paniceae
• Genus : Cenchrus

Growing/Caring conditions

• Put buffelgrass into a fertilizer spreader.
• You need approximately 3.75 pounds of buffelgrass seed per acre should you be considering a hay field.
• If you happen to be planting the buffelgrass as an integral part of the landscaping, you may simply toss a couple of seeds into the location of your liking, and go onto the following step.
• Use the spreader to administer the seed onto the soil.
• Ensure that whenever you are making use of the spreader, you remain on the wheel tracks and the previous cross made to make sure even coverage.
• Cover up the seeds with a thin level of soil, approximately 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch.
• Water when needed, however buffelgrass is sturdy and doesn’t require lots of watering.
• A mild sprinkling on very hot days is sufficient.
• Grow buffelgrass in the springtime or fall.
• You should not harvest buffelgrass before they have matured, that is when it drops its seed for the very first time.

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