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August 2013
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Oplismenus is a compact genus of annual or perennial grasses

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• Oplismenus is a compact genus of annual or perennial grasses.
• It is identified all through the tropics of the:
– Americas
– Africa
– Asia
– Australia
• The systematic of the genus is not clear.
• Between 5 and 9 species are identified.
• The French naturalist Palisot de Beauvois identified the genus in August or perhaps September of 1810 in his Flore d’Oware et de Benin.
• The generic term is resulting from the Ancient Greek hoplismenos (“armed”), since the glumes possess awns.

Species include:
• Oplismenus compositus
• Oplismenus hirtellus
• O. h. ssp. undulatifolius
• The number of species is unclear.
• In Australia, Oplismenus aemulus and O. imbecillis are recognized as separate species.
• Oplismenus burmannii – pantropical
• Oplismenus thwaitesii – Sri Lanka

Oplismenus Composites

• America
• Africa
• Asia
• Australia
• Pacific
• Oplismenus hirtellus – tropics
• Oplismenus undulatifolius – widespread
• Oplismenus affinis
• Oplismenus baronii
• Oplismenus burmannii
• Oplismenus flavicomus
• Oplismenus gracillimus
• Oplismenus humbertianus
• Oplismenus aemulus
• Oplismenus compositus
• Oplismenus hirtellus

Description of the Plant

• The members in the genus are scrambling or perhaps trailing herbaceous grasses, equally annual and also perennial.
• The stems trail along the soil which enable it to root at the nodes.
• The leaf blades are usually lance-shaped or acuminate to ovate and covered in scattered hairs, and leaf sheaths are hairy.
• These are typically plants of shady areas like the forest floor.
• They generally die out off in chilly or drier months.
• Certain species get invasive potential.
• In contrast to some of their relatives, members of the genus utilize C3 photosynthesis.

– house plants
– revegetation
– reclamation in shady or wet areas
– wildlife gardens
– lawn grass
– edible to livestock

Scientific Classification of Oplismenus

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Monocots
• (unranked) : Commelinids
• Order : Poales
• Family : Poaceae
• Subfamily : Panicoideae
• Tribe : Paniceae
• Genus : Oplismenus

Growing/Caring conditions

• This grass needs optimum sunlight and shade.
• It can hold little water for long time.
• In the initial week, water it once in a day.
• Aphids can attack this grass making holes in the leaves.
• Apply insecticide.
• Not many diseases or pest haunt this grass.
• Fungus is known to be seen on these grasses.
• This is spotted by brown circular spots on the leaf surface.
• Fungicide can be applied in such a case.
• Irrigate it regularly.
• Do not over-water.
• Cut the plant as it grows to avoid pests.

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