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August 2013
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Pate or Seven-finger is a tree endemic to New Zealand

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Pate or Seven-finger is a tree endemic to New Zealand from family Araliaceae.

Overview of Pate or Seven-finger

• The Maori name is Pate or Patate.
• It happens in lowland to reduced montane forests from sea level to 1200 m in the North Island, South Island, and Stewart Island.
• It prefers damp, shady aspects of the forest.
• It’s quite common along stream banks and also on shady forest roadsides.
• It’s the only New Zealand representative of the genus Schefflera that has 200 varieties of shrubs and small trees inside the tropics and subtropics.
• Pate is often a small, spreading tree as much as 8 m high with stout branches.
• The leaves can have from three to nine leaflets.
• The leaflets are thin and delicate.
• They have sharp serrated margins.
• In the north of the North Island, S. Digitata is carrying a juvenile stage where the leaflets are divided into irregular toothed lobes.
• The inflorescence is really a large, multi-branched panicle approximately 35 cm across, with umbels of small greenish flowers rising at irregular intervals along its length.
• Each umbel contains approximately ten flowers each about 7 millimeter in diameter.
• The fruits are dark violet in color.
• They are fleshy and round.
• These are about 3.5 mm in diameter and take several months to ripen.
• The sap on the tree has medicinal uses, and contains been employed to treat ringworm and sores on the skin.
• The wood was used by M?ori to produce fire by friction. Pate is easily the most common host with the parasitic plant Dactylanthus Taylor.
• That is a root parasite that has been recognized by the Maori as ‘Pua-o-te-reinga’, ‘the flower of the underworld’.
• Wood rose is threatened with extinction that is reckoned to be as a result of various factors such as poaching of plants purchasable as curios.
• Pate is not difficult to cultivate in New Zealand.
• It was named in honor of Jacob Christian Scheffler who was an 18th-century German botanist.
• This plant speaks to bees, butterflies and/or birds.
• The flowers have fragrant.

Scientific Classification for Pate or Seven-finger

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Eudicots
• (unranked) : Asterids
• Order : Apiales
• Family : Araliaceae
• Subfamily : Aralioideae
• Genus : Schefflera
• Species : S. digitata
• Binomial name : Schefflera digitata

Growing/Caring conditions

• This plant is acceptable for growing indoors.
• It is drought-tolerant.
• It is ideal for xeriscaping.
• Water regularly but do not over-water.
• Requires consistently moist soil.
• Do not let dry out between watering.
• Quite high in moisture needs.
• Suitable for bogs and water gardens.
• Self-sows freely.
• This plant is monocarpic.
• This plant is fire-retardant.
• This plant is proofed against deer.
• Flowers are good for cutting.
• Flowers are great for drying and preserving.
• Provides winter interest.
• Suitable for growing in containers.

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