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August 2013
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Olearia is a genus that belongs to the family of Asteraceae.

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Olearia is a genus that belongs to the family Asteraceae.

Overview of Olearia

• This genus is named after Adam Olearius.
• He was a 17th century German scholar.
• This genus is a set of flowering plants.
• There are about 130 varieties of species in Olearia genus.

This genus is found in:
– Australia
– New Guinea
– New Zealand

This genus includes:
– Herbaceous plants
– Shrubs
– Small trees
• This genus bears daisy-like composite flower heads.
• Lepidoptera species make these species as their food plants.
• This is a food plant for the larvae of Aenetus ligniveren.
• It eats the plant by burrowing into the trunk.
• Flowering begins at the end of September.
• Most famous colors of these species are Light violet and purple-pinks.
• It can reach to an ultimate height of 2.5-4 metres.
• It spreads upto 2.5-4 metres
• It takes about 10-20 years to attain this height.

Some of the species are:
• Olearia albida
• Olearia algida
• Olearia allomii
• Olearia angulata
• Olearia angustifolia
• Olearia arborescens
• Olearia argophylla
• Olearia asterotricha
• Olearia astroloba
• Olearia avicennifolia
• Olearia axillaris
• Olearia macrodonta
• Olearia megalophylla
• Olearia microphylla
• Olearia mooneyi
• Olearia moschata
• Olearia myrsinoides
• Olearia nernstii
• Olearia nummulariifolia
• Olearia obcordata
• Olearia odorata
• Olearia oporina
• Olearia pachyphylla
• Olearia paniculata
• Olearia pannosa
• Olearia persoonioides
• Olearia phlogopappa
• Olearia pimeleoides
• Olearia pinifolia
• Olearia polita
• Olearia quercifolia
• Olearia ramulosa
• Olearia insignis
• Olearia iodochroa
• Olearia lacunosa
• Olearia ledifolia
• Olearia lepidophylla
• Olearia lirata
• Olearia lyallii

It is grown as:
– Hedging
– Screens
– Coastal
– Low Maintenance
– Wall-side Borders

Scientific Classification of Olearia

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Eudicots
• (unranked) : Asterids
• Order : Asterales
• Family : Asteraceae
• Tribe : Astereae
• Genus : Olearia

Growing/Caring conditions

• This shrub requires dry conditions.
• It is best to let this shrub grow in light shade.
• It needs regular watering.
• This will make this plant grow lusciously.
• Light pruning will increase the bushiness.
• Pruning should be done just after flowering.
• This shrub should not be exposed to sea winds.
• A general fertilizer will help to grow the shrub nicely.
• Light dressings of blood and bone should be added for lush growth.
• Add this fertilizer in early spring and late summer.
• This shrub is attacked by root-rot fungus.
• This is true when there are regular rains and cold weather.
• This is so as there is no drying of soil.
• This can be avoided by arranging a proper drainage of water.
• This plant needs full sun.
• It is best grown both Sheltered and Exposed.
• This plant needs Acid, Alkaline or Neutral soil.
• It needs Chalk, Clay, Sand or Loam.
• It should be propagated by semi-hardwood cuttings.

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