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July 2013
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Nestegis Cunninghamii is a native tree of New Zealand

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Nestegis Cunninghamii that’s commonly called Olea cunninghamii is often a native tree of latest Zealand.

Overview of Nestegis Cunninghamii

• N. cunninghamii grows to a height exceeding 20 metres.
• It possesses long, leathery leaves that include a recessed mid-rib.
• The tree has rough and cork-like bark.
• The tree produces red or yellow fruits.
• This is obtained in small elements of North Island forest to its quality value to become a hard timber as well as for firewood.
• Its height is from 35-50 feet which has a diameter – 2-4 feet.
• The Black Maire tree grows in colder climates while using the central North Island of contemporary Zealand.
• The bark is rough and corky.
• Red or yellow fruits are profuse thereby giving the tree a bright yellow glow.
• Maori used its timber for digging sticks and mallets.
• Black maire burns slowly with great heat.

The timber has also been used for:
– Framing railway carriages
– Machinery
– Building bridges
– Flooring
– Weatherboards
– Some furniture
– Wood-turning and specialist items
– Woodwind instruments
• It becomes an attractive, well-formed forest tree.
• It has dark glossy green leaves.
• Its dark grey trunk is rough.
• It’s fissure d and supports a deep crown.
• The leaves are green above and paler below.
• It produces cherry-red, 15 mm long fruit.
• It remains relatively common in west of Taupo as well as the King Country.
• Black maire seasons quite nicely with minimal distortion.
• The sap-wood is creamy in colour.
• The heart-wood is particularly rich yellow-brown to brownish, often with black streaks.
• The timber is dense, close-grained and waxy.
• The timber is creamy white through brown.
• It has black streaks that are very decorative in feature furniture.
• It really is used by Turning, carving and furniture.

Scientific classification for Nestegis Cunninghamii

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Eudicots
• (unranked) : Asterids
• Order : Lamiales
• Family : Oleaceae
• Genus : Nestegis
• Species : N. cunninghamii
• Binomial name : Nestegis cunninghamii

Growing/Caring conditions

• Nestegis is at risk of ants, scale, mealy bugs and thrips.
• For young olopua saplings, a credit application of a balanced slow release fertilizer with minor elements ought to be done every six months.
• These trees can tolerate both dry and moist conditions.
• Soil must be well drained.
• Light Conditions required are from Full sun to Partial sun.
• This plant tolerates Drought and Wind.
• This plant is easily grown from fresh seed.
• It is difficult to propagate from cuttings.
• Black Maire needs to be widely grown since it makes an excellent specimen or street tree.
• Once established it is remarkably drought and cold tolerant.
• The fruit is eaten by many birds like kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae).

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