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July 2013
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Coprosma Robusta or Karamu is a shrub or tree.

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Coprosma Robusta which is also known as Karamu in M?ori is a shrub or tree.

Overview of Coprosma Robusta or Karamu

• This shrub is one of the 45 Coprosma species.
• This shrub is found in New Zealand.
• Coprosmas are identified by the domatia.
• Domatia are tiny holes at the junction of the veins which lie on the underside of the leaf.
• Coprosmas have unique stipules.
• The flowers are small.
• These flowers bear colourful berries.
• C. robusta is found in lowland forest.
• It is found to the south of the South Island.
• The leaves are dark green.
• These leaves are about 5-13cm long and 3-4 cm wide.
• The tree can grow about 6m tall.
• The stipules have a single and shiny black gland which is found at the tips.
• The berries are orange in color.
• They are about 8-9 mm long.
• They grow and ripen in an year.

Scientific classification for Coprosma Robusta or Karamu

• Kingdom : Plantae
• Division : Magnoliophyta
• Class : Magnoliopsida
• Order : Gentianales
• Family : Rubiaceae
• Subfamily : Rubioideae
• Tribe : Anthospermeae
• Genus : Coprosma
• Species : C. robusta
• Binomial name : Coprosma robusta

Growing/Caring conditions

• Coprosma robusta is also named Variegated Mirror Plant.
• To plant this shrub, dig a hole.
• This hole should be twice the size of the root plant’s root ball,
• It should be deep enough to plant the shrub.
• The planting should be at the same level it was in the container.
• Dig the hole larges in cases where the soil is poor.
• Fill with a mixture of the original soil.
• Add compost to soil to enrich.
• Remove the shrub from the container.
• Place it in the centre of the hole.
• Fill in with the original soil.
• Add mulch to the plant.
• Water well finally.
• Hardiness required for this plant is 8-10.
• This shrub cannot tolerate temperatures below 20 degrees F.
• This shrub can withstand coastal conditions like high winds and salt spray.
• Coprosma is a suitable shrub grown for hedges, screens or espaliers.
• This shrub should be given ample room and space.
• The shrub should receive full sun or partial shade.
• The shrub has spindly growth habit in shady conditions.
• This can be controlled by pruning regularly.
• The shrub grows best in moderately fertile soil.
• It is somewhat drought tolerant.
• The soil required is neutral to acidic.
• This shrub requires pruning once or twice each year.
• This is to maintain an organized appearance.
• This shrub can also be propagated from semi-ripe cuttings.
• These semi ripe cuttings can be taken from plants in late summer.
• These cuttings should be taken before the onset of the cool season.

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