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May 2013
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Podocarpus Totara is a species of Podocarp tree.

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Podocarpus Totara also known as Totara is a species of Podocarp tree.

Overview of Podocarpus Totara

• It is endemic to New Zealand.
• It grows through the North Island and northeastern South Island in the lowland.
• It grows at elevations of up to 600 m.
• Totara is normally within lowland places where the soil is fertile and well drained.
• The Totara is really a medium to large tree.
• It slowly grows to about 20 to 25 m.
• Exceptionally they can grow to 35 m.
• It truly is noted for its longevity plus the great girth of the trunk.
• The bark peels off in papery flakes, with a purplish to a golden brown hue.
• The sharp, dull green needle-like leaves are stiff and leathery.
• These are 2 cm long.
• This plant produces highly modified cones with 2 to 4 fused.
• They bear fleshy berrylike juicy scales, bright red when mature.
• The cone contains 1 or 2 rounded seeds for the apex with the scales.
• Totara is often found regenerating on farmland as it’s not eaten by livestock.
• Totara trees attract mainly native birds, which disperse the seeds.

Included in this are:
– Kereru/New Zealand pigeons
– Tuis
– Bellbirds
– NZ yellow-crowned parakeet
• The wood is and straight-grained and extremely resistant against rot.
• Because of durability, Totara wood was frequently used for fence posts, floor pilings and railway sleepers.
• It is usually prized for its carving properties.
• It had been the main wood utilized in Maori carving.
• It absolutely was the principal wood utilized to make waka (canoes) in traditional Maori boat building automobile relatively lightweight.
• It’s got sebum inside the wood that really help prevent rotting.
• Totara could possibly be drilled with chert points to generate holes nearby the edges in the timber without splitting.

Scientific Classification of Podocarpus Totara

• Kingdom : Plantae
• Division : Pinophyta
• Class : Pinopsida
• Order : Pinales
• Family : Podocarpaceae
• Genus : Podocarpus
• Species : P. totara
• Binomial name : Podocarpus totara

Growing/Caring conditions

• Totara seedlings will need to be grown on inside Plant.
• Ensure they suffer less from weed and weed competition.
• Totara will respond well with a fertilizer application.
• Seed – sow late winter within a cold frame.
• When they’re sufficient to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots.
• Grow them from your nursery.
• Plant them out into their permanent positions to your end of spring or early summer.
• This is after the last expected frosts.
• Cuttings in sandy soil in a really cool or slightly warm border spring.

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