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May 2013
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Dacrydium Cupressinum or Rimu belongs to Dacrydium.

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Dacrydium Cupressinum which is also known as Rimu belongs to Dacrydium.

Overview of Dacrydium Cupressinum or Rimu

• It is a large evergreen coniferous tree.
• It is endemic to New Zealand forests.
• This plant is a member of podocarps which is in the southern conifer group.
• Rimu grows all through the New Zealand. It grows in:
– The North Island
– South Island
– Stewart Island
– Rakiura
• Largest concentration of these trees are found on West Coast of the South Island at present.
• Rimu is a slow-growing tree.
• It can grow up to a height of about 50 m.
• The large trees are 20 to 35 m tall.
• The straight trunk of the Rimu is about 1.5 m in diameter.
• The leaves are spirally arranged.
• This is awl-shaped.
• They are up to 7 mm long.
• They are 1 mm wide.
• They are 2 to 3 mm long which is on mature trees.
• It is a dioecious plant.
• There are male and female cones on separate trees.
• The seeds take 15 months in order to mature.
• The mature cones have a swollen red fleshy scale.
• It is about 6 to 10 mm long.
• These cones have apical seeds that are 4 mm long.
• These seeds are dispersed by birds.
• These birds eat the fleshy scale.
• The seed is passed on in their droppings.
• The wood is used for making furniture and house construction.
• The inner bark is used to treat burns and cuts.
• Charisma is the only cultivated variety.
• Seed produce once or twice in every 10 years.
• Germination rate is very low.
• Seed is naturally dormant for about 50 days.
• Seed falls from mid-March to the end of April.

Birds that eat rimu berries are:
– Tui
– Bellbird
– Whiteheads
– Kereru
– Blackbirds
– Starlings
– Thrushes

Scientific Classification of Dacrydium Cupressinum or Rimu

• Kingdom : Plantae
• Division : Pinophyta
• Class : Pinopsida
• Order : Pinales
• Family : Podocarpaceae
• Genus : Dacrydium
• Species : D. cupressinum
• Binomial name : Dacrydium cupressinum

Growing/Caring conditions for Dacrydium Cupressinum or Rimu

• Pollen and seeds are produced by male and female trees.
• Seeds take about 18 months to ripen.
• Each black seed sits on a red, fleshy receptacle.
• It is eaten by birds or falls to the ground.
• Heavy seed crops occur every few years.
• The plant needs Moist and good soils.
• It grows well in shade and shelter for young trees.
• Foliage can become brown in dry situation.
• It becomes ‘green’ later with moisture.
• Seed – sow late winter inside a cold frame.
• If they are sufficient to manage, prick the seedlings out.
• Plant them into individual pots.
• Grow them on within the greenhouse for around their first winter.
• Plant them out within their permanent positions at the end of spring or early summer.
• It is following last expected frosts.
• Cuttings inside a sandy soil in a cool or slightly warm border spring.

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