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May 2013
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Mapou or Myrsine Australis is a quick growing shrub or small tree.

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Mapou with Botanical Name is Myrsine Australis is really a quick growing shrub or small tree.

Overview of Mapou or Myrsine Australis

• It grows up to 6 meters high.
• The tough and reddish green leaves are 2 to five cm long.
• They have got distinct wavy edges.
• The bark on a mature trunk is gray.
• The young branchlets and branches are distinctly red in color.
• Myrsine australis is commonly often known as Red Matipo or Mapou.
• It’s a type of shrub from the family Myrsinaceae.
• It’s endemic to New Zealand.
• It is found over the country and offshore islands.
• It’s got crinkly-edged leaves.
• The tree bears small yellowish flowers.
• They grow on woody twigs.
• They bloom from mid-summer to mid-autumn.
• Mapou is dioecious.
• Small black berries are borne on female trees.
• They ripen in mid spring to early autumn the next season.
• They often smother the stems.
• Reddish and purplish blotching on leaves is often a distinguishing factor.
• It inhabits bush margins and it is often planted in regeneration projects.
• Mapou is located from sea level to 900 meters.
• It really is found throughout both North Island and South Island.
• It’s quite along forest margins and in scrub land.
• It cannot tolerate waterlogged soils for a long.
• It wouldn’t tolerate severe drought conditions.
• Maori boiled mapou leaves to produce an infusion for toothache.
• In addition they used the leaves as relief for arthritic problems.
• It is used being a remedy for skin disorder.
• Other uses include removing intestinal worms in addition to being a broad tonic.
• The branch wood was utilized for digging sticks and adze handle sockets.
• In European times its hard timber has been utilized for building.
• Its most popular use has probably been for firewood.
• Mapou produces really small black fruits in summer.
• They’re liked by birds.
• They grow directly on the stem from the plant.
• They don’t grow by the end of branches and twigs.

Scientific Classification for Mapou or Myrsine Australis

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Eudicots
• (unranked) : Asterids
• Order : Ericales
• Family : Myrsinaceae
• Genus : Myrsine
• Species : M. australis
• Binomial name : Myrsine australis

Growing/Caring conditions for Mapou or Myrsine Australis

• Mapou grows easily from seed.
• Trim the tops of the plant in late summer or autumn.
• They approach 30cm tall.
• Trimming really helps to prevent them getting leggy.
• Mapou is hardy and incredibly resistant against wind.
• It is a good shelter plant.
• It’s also a great primary colonizing plant on bare sites.
• It is able to get itself established.
• It’ll provide shelter for more sensitive plants invest afterwards.
• It cannot tolerate waterlogged soils for a long.
• It wouldn’t tolerate severe drought conditions.

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