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May 2013
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Discaria Toumatou or Matagouri belongs to the Rhamnaceae family.

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Discaria Toumatou generally known as Matagouri belongs to the Rhamnaceae family.

Overview of Discaria Toumatou or Matagouri

• This is a plant that is endemic to New Zealand.
• Wild Irishman is yet another name.
• Matagouri is often a tangle branched.
• It is extremely thorny shrub or small tree.
• It could grow up to five meters tall.
• It offers small leathery leaves nearby the thorns.
• They are only loaded in spring.
• The flowers are tiny and white without the need of petals.
• It truly is most typical in tussock grassland, stony areas and river beds.
• It’s quite common within the eastern South Island, and found occasionally inside North Island south in the Waikato River.
• It fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere.
• It can do so with the help of symbiotic bacteria with the Frankia genus rolling around in its roots.
• As a native plant it offers complete protection on public conservation land.
• They have smaller leaves.
• It bears small greenish-white flowers.
• It has characteristic spines.
• They could be several centimeters long.
• The Matagouri may easily live long over century old.
• They flower around November.
• Matagouri is available through the mouth from the Waikato River south through Otago.
• It can be rare about the west coast on the South Island and uncommon inside the North Island.
• It is frequently within short tussock grasslands in the South Island and can even be found on sand dunes and river beds.
• They enrich the soil around them.
• It allows other plant species to regenerate.
• Matagouri is very slow-growing.
• Some plants on undisturbed river terraces can be over a century old.
• Matagouri thorns were utilized by early Maori as tattooing needles.
• This was so when for needles no other material was available.
• Its flowers make top notch honey.
• Matagouri is one kind of numerous native bushes.
• They are a beginning spring food preference for possums.
• This is how the sweet sap is rising within the plants and other your meals are an issue.
• In certain regions, possums have been located to completely ring-bark some trees.
• Matagouri is generally burned or poisoned so as to create and observe after pasture.
• In addition, matagouri faces stiff competition from weeds for instance gorse and broom, which can be also aggressive invaders of pasture and tussock grasslands.
• Matagouri is uncommon inside North Island.
• It grows in mere a couple of coastal sites.
• In high of the season it’s got few leaves.
• Its stems and thorns execute photosynthesis.
• A flush of the latest leaves is produced during wet periods.
• Matagouri forms open shrub land on dry infertile soils.

Scientific Classification for Discaria Toumatou or Matagouri

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Eudicots
• (unranked) : Rosids
• Order : Rosales
• Family : Rhamnaceae
• Tribe : Colletieae
• Genus : Discaria
• Species : D. toumatou
• Binomial name : Discaria toumatou

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