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April 2013
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Cordyline Australis is commonly known as the cabbage tree.

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Cordyline Australis is commonly known as the cabbage tree.

Overview of Cordyline Australis or Cabbage Tree

• It is a monocot tree with large number of branches.
• It is endemic to New Zealand.
• It grows up to a height of 20 meters.
• It has a trunk that is thick and leaves that are shaped like sword.
• Leaves are at tip of the branch in clustered way.
• They can be up to 1 meter (3 ft) long.
• The trunk is tall and straight.
• It is dense with rounded heads.
• New Zealand pigeon and other birds like the fruit of this tree a lot.
• It provides durable fiber for textiles.
• Another use of cabbage tree is that it can be grown as an ornamental tree in Northern Hemisphere.
• The flowers with nice perfumed smell are produced in spring and early summer.
• They are 60 to 100 cm (2–3 ft) long.
• The positioning of the flower is such that they all are located along the branches of panicles.
• The size of the individual flower is 5 to 6 mm (about 0.2 in) in diameter.
• The stigmas are short and trifid.
• The fruit is a white berry 5 to 7 mm (2–3 in) in diameter.
• Insects get attracted to flowers by the nectar.
• Large, peg-like rhizomes are covered with soft, purplish bark.
• They are up to 3 meters (10 ft) long in old plants.
• They serve to anchor the plant.
• They store fructose in the form of fructan.
• When young, the rhizomes are mostly fleshy.
• They are made up of thin-walled storage cells.

Uses of Cordyline Australis or Cabbage Tree

• Food
• Fiber
• Medicine

Scientific classification for Cordyline Australis or Cabbage Tree

• Kingdom : Plantae
• Clade : Angiosperms
• Clade : Monocots
• Order : Asparagales
• Family : Asparagaceae
• Subfamily : Lomandroideae
• Genus : Cordyline
• Species : C. australis
• Binomial name : Cordyline australis

Growing/Caring conditions for Cordyline Australis or Cabbage Tree

• Cordylines are grown in homes and gardens.
• They are known for their handsome long leaves.
• Theirs is a small tree-like growth and remarkably colored foliage.
• They can only survive well outdoors.
• Provide them a rich, organic soil that doesn’t dry out too much.
• Good light will enhance colors.
• Use them in groups or as taller focal points in the garden.
• It will tolerate temperatures in the low 20’s F or occasionally lower.
• This variety is also quite drought tolerant.
• Cordyline varieties can handle hot sun.
• They grow in difficult soils that lack a lot of organic material.

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