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April 2013
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Beech (Fagus) is a genus of deciduous trees that belongs to the family Fagaceae.

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Beech (Fagus) is a genus of ten species of deciduous trees that belongs to the family Fagaceae.

Overview of Beech

• It is native to temperate Europe, Asia and North America.
• Beeches can grow as tall as 27 meters and 18 meters in width.
• They are found in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Argentina and Chile.
• The leaves of beech trees are entire or sparsely toothed.
• They are from 5–15 cm long and 4–10 cm broad.
• The flowers are small.
• The bark is smooth and light grey.
• The fruit is small.
• It is a three–angled nut that is 10–15 mm long.
• The nuts are edible.
• They are bitter and called beechnuts or beechmast.
• The beech blight aphid (Grylloprociphilus imbricator) is a common pest of American beech trees.
• Beeches are also used as food plants by some species of Lepidoptera.
• Beech bark disease is a fungal infection that attacks the American Beech.

Beech wood is used as:
• excellent firewood
• chips of beech wood are used in the brewing of Budweiser beer
• fining agent
• beech logs are burned to dry the malts
• smoke Westphalian ham, various sausages and some cheeses.
• some drums are made from beech
• furniture framing
• carcass construction
• flooring and engineering purposes
• in plywood and in household items like plates
• timber can be used to build chalets, houses and log cabins.
• beech wood is used for the stocks of military rifles.

Scientific classification for Beech

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Eudicots
• (unranked) : Rosids
• Order : Fagales
• Family : Fagaceae
• Genus : Fagus

Growing/Caring conditions for Beech

• Fill a small container with an even mixture of sand and compost.
• Sow the seed nut into the compost-sand mixture at a depth 1 1/2 times the length of the nut.
• The container should be protected from strong winds, rain, full sun and harsh winter frosts.
• This plant needs partial to full shade.
• Mist the compost-sand mixture with a spray bottle.
• This is to ensure the mixture is damp.
• Do not saturate with water.

Planting the young plants
• Plant the seedling tree when it is 10 to 20 inches tall.
• Dig a hole at least 12 to 18 inches deep and 24 to 30 inches in diameter.
• Place the beech nut seedling into the center of the hole.
• Till the soil regularly.
• Use chicken-wire or hardware cloth to create a small cage around seedling trees.
• This is to protect them from wildlife.

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