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Eucalyptus Olida or Strawberry Gum belongs to the family of Myrtaceae.

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Eucalyptus Olida is also known as the Strawberry Gum, is a medium-sized tree that belongs to the Family Myrtaceae.

Overview of Eucalyptus Olida

• This tree can grow up to a height of 20 m.
• It is restricted to sclerophyll woodlands on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, in Eastern Australia.
• The bark is fibrous in nature in mature trees.
• Flowers are cream colored.
• These flowers form small woody capsules.
• The juvenile leaves are ovate.
• They are 7 cm long.
• They are dull green in color.
• Adult leaves are lanceolate and glossy green.
• They are about 17 cm.
• The leaves are intensely aromatic.
• They are used as a bush-food spice.
• Eucalyptus Olida is classified as a threatened species in the wild.
• Due to its essential oil and spice qualities, this plant is cultivated a lot in present times.
• The leaf of Eucalyptus Olida is distilled for its crystal-like essential oils.
• These oils are used in flavoring and perfumery.
• The leaf has very high levels of methyl cinnamate (98%).
• The oil yield is high at 2-6% fresh weight.
• Methyl cinnamate is commercially used as a natural fruit flavor.
• It is also a perfumery component.
• Eucalyptus Olida leaf is also used as a dried spice product.
• It is also used with fruit and in herbal teas.
• It has high anti-oxidant activity.
• In the Australian native foods industry several trade names are used, including ‘olida’ and ‘forestberry herb’.

Scientific classification of Eucalyptus Olida

• Kingdom: Plantae
• (unranked): Angiosperms
• (unranked): Eudicots
• (unranked): Rosids
• Order: Myrtales
• Family: Myrtaceae
• Genus: Eucalyptus
• Species: E. olida

Growing/Caring conditions for Eucalyptus Olida

• This plant prefers full-sun conditions.
• It is tolerant of low soil fertility.
• It prefers well-drained soil.
• The tree is frost tolerant down to – 8 C degrees.
• Strawberry gum is ideal for temperate conditions.
• It can also grow in subtropical conditions.
• Leaves can be harvested as required.
• Harvesting the leaves for culinary use and cut-foliage can be done individually.
• This can be done by pruning branches back by 60-80 cm.
• Sow seedlings indoors.
• Sow them late spring to early summer.
• The plant requires full sun.
• While your seedlings are growing, get your garden ready.
• Add plenty of compost, manure, and a general fertilizer.
• Transplant young seedlings outdoors.

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