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Azadirachta Indica or Neem – a tree belongs to the mahogany family of Meliaceae.

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Azadirachta Indica also known as Neem is a tree belongs to the mahogany family of Meliaceae.

Overview of Azadirachta Indica

• It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta.
• It is native to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
• It grows in tropical and semi-tropical regions.
• Its fruits and seeds are the source of neem oil.
• Neem can grow up to a height of 15–20 meters.
• The opposite, pinnate leaves are 20–40 centimeters long.
• The leaves are used in India, Pakistan to give baths to children suffering from skin diseases.
• It is evergreen tree.
• In severe drought it sheds nearly all of its leaves.
• The branches are wide spread.
• The fairly dense crown has the diameter of 15–20 meters.

It is useful in:
– controlling high blood sugar level
– clean up the blood
– placed in cupboards to prevent insects eating the clothes
– to keep away mosquitoes
– anthelmintic
– anti-fungal
– anti-diabetic
– anti-bacterial
– anti-viral
– contraceptive
– sedative
– anti-desertification properties

Neem oil is used for preparing cosmetics such as:
• Soap
• Neem shampoo
• Balms
• Creams
• Toothpaste

Neem is used in:
• Cosmetics
• Bird repellent
• Lubricants
• Fertilizers
• Resin

Growing/Caring conditions for Azadirachta Indica

• Plant either neem seeds or a young tree in a container.
• The pots should be 12 inches in diameter.
• Fill your container with a good quality potting soil.
• Water it.
• Plant seeds 1 inch deep.
• Cover the entire root ball.
• Water your sprouted seeds.
• Maintain moisture in the soil.
• Allow the soil to dry before you water.
• Place your potted neem tree in a sunny area.
• This tree prefers natural sunlight.
• Fertilize your tree once each month.
• Fertilize with a one-half strength dilution of fish emulsion.
• Fertilize your tree with a balanced organic plant food.
• Do not fertilize this tree during winter.
• Prune your tree as needed in spring.
• Seeds take about three weeks to germinate.
• Neem cannot tolerate shade.
• Plant them in open areas.
• Avoid using pesticides on neem trees.
• Inspect neem regularly for insects.
• Wash the plant down with a strong spray of water if there are any insects.
• Watch out for rats and porcupines.
• They can eat the bark of your neem tree.

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