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Tropaeolum Polyphyllum- a species of perennial plant belonging to Tropaeolaceae family.

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Tropaeolum Polyphyllum is a species of perennial plant belonging to the Tropaeolaceae family.

Overview of Tropaeolum Polyphyllum

• It is endemic to mountainous regions of Chile and Argentina.
• It is called in Spanish soldadito grande de la cordillera which means great soldier of the mountains.
• Tropaeolum polyphyllum is an herbaceous perennial.
• It sends out long rhizomes.
• Shoots develop which trail over the ground.
• These are densely covered with silvery green, deeply lobed leaves.
• The flower buds have inflated pale green calyces.
• Sepals are extended backwards which go into a short spur.
• The flowers are large and showy.
• They are borne on long slender stalks.
• They are golden yellow.
• Flowering takes place in mid-summer.
• The shoots die back.
• The plant remains dormant until the following year.
• It can grow at an elevation of 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) above sea level.
• Tropaeolum polyphyllum needs full sun.
• They need slightly acidic and well drained soil.
• The USDA Hardiness Zone is 7.

Scientific classification of Tropaeolum Polyphyllum

• Kingdom : Plantae
• (unranked) : Angiosperms
• (unranked) : Eudicots
• (unranked) : Rosids
• Order : Brassicales
• Family : Tropaeolaceae
• Genus : Tropaeolum
• Species : T. polyphyllum

Growing/Caring conditions for Tropaeolum Polyphyllum

• Select a sunny spot.
• Tropaeolum thrive in spots where at least six hours of the day of sunshine is available.
• Tropaeolum will not produce well with less sunshine.
• Sow the Tropaeolum seeds directly into the ground.
• Tropaeolum don’t grow well as transplants.
• They often die from transplant shock.
• It’s best to sow them directly into the ground.
• Sow them once the chance of frost has passed.
• Keep the TTropaeolum well watered.
• Tropaeolum were originally grown in subtropical regions.
• Water the Tropaeolum frequently, especially in hotter months.
• Don’t let them dry out too much.
• Deadhead the flowers often for more blooms.
• Picking the blooms frequently helps the nasturtium plant produce more blooms throughout its life span.
• Choose flowers and leaves that have no visible signs of infestation.
• They can be used to add to salads and other dishes.
• Aphids are a big problem with Tropaeolum.
• Add a trellis to help support the vining habit of Tropaeolum.
• Keep Tropaeolum away from plants that might be affected by aphids.
• Tropaeolum prefer sandy soil.
• They will grow in any well-drained area.
• Sow the seeds about 1/2 inch deep in moist soil.
• They should be spaced about 2 to 3 inches apart.
• They can grow in full sun or partial shade.
• The seeds will grow 4 months after planting.

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