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November 2012
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Cloves are flower buds that belongs to Myrtaceae family.

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Cloves are flower buds that belongs to Myrtaceae family.

Overview of Cloves

• These flower buds are aromatic.
• They are native to the Maluku islands in Indonesia.
• These are used as a spice in many cuisines.
• It is used all over the world.
• These buds numb tissues in the mouth.
• The clove tree can grow up to a height of 8–12 m.
• This tree is an evergreen tree.
• It is a strong spice.
• It has large leaves.
• It bears sanguine flowers which form groups of terminal clusters.
• The flower buds are initially pale in color and then later turn green and then red.
• Cloves are harvested upon reaching about 1.5–2 cm length.
• Cloves are often used in Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cooking.

Cloves are harvested primarily in:
– Indonesia
– India
– Madagascar
– Zanzibar
– Pakistan
– Sri Lanka

Uses of Cloves

• It is used to flavor:
– Meats
– Curries
– Meat marinades
– Sweet dishes
• Cloves are used in:
– Indian Ayurveda medicine
– Chinese medicine
– Western herbal-ism
– Dentistry
• Cloves are used as a:
– Carminative
– Improve peristalsis
– Anthelmintic
– Digestive tract
– Kidney
– Spleen
– Hiccough
– Hypo-tonic muscles
• It has anti-herpes virus properties.
• It has anti-oxidant properties.
• Clove oil can be used to anesthetization.

Growing/Caring conditions for Cloves

• Purchase fresh clove seeds.
• They are available in a garden center or nursery.
• Choose a spot to plant the clove seeds.
• The seed bed should be guarded from direct sunlight.
• This is to ensure seeds and young plants are not damaged in growth.
• Clove trees grow best in a shady area.
• Mix organic material, compost, loam, peat moss or sand and amend the soil.
• Use a shovel or hoe.
• Clove trees need a well drained soil.
• Organic materials addition to the soil helps in draining excess water quickly.
• Make a 2 cm deep hole and plant the seeds in them.
• Space them about 3 cm.
• Transplant the seedlings.
• This is done after germination of seeds which is about 10-15 days.
• Plant the trees in the garden.
• Water the trees about 1 inch of water per week.
• Keep the soil moist in between watering.
• Dig shallow trenches around the trees.
• This should be about between 1 and 1 ½ meters from the base of the tree.
• These trenches will be used for fertilizing.
• They will also help with drainage.
• Apply half a bag of slow-release fertilizer to the trenches.
• Add in late May or early June.
• The other half can be added in late September or early October.
• Clove trees thrive best in hot and humid climates.

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