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November 2012
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Sweet Cicely – a perennial and belongs to the family Apiaceae.

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Sweet Cicely, also known as Myrrhis odorata, is a perennial and belongs to the family Apiaceae.

Overview of Sweet Cicely

• This is native to Central Europe.
• This place belongs to the genus Myrrhis.
• It is an herbaceous perennial plant.
• It can grow up to a height of 2 m.
• The leaves are finely divided.
• They are feathery.
• The leaves grow up to 50 cm long.
• The species bear white flowers.
• The flowers are about 2-4 mm across.
• They are produced in large umbels.
• The seeds are slender.
• They are about 15-25 mm long and 3-4 mm broad.
• It has fern-like leaves.
• It has sweetening tart fruit.
• The flowers open early in the year.
• Cut down the dried stems for new growth and encourage young growth.
• Propagate by seed in autumn or spring.
• Its leaves are used as herb.
• It can be used either raw or cooked.
• It is used mainly in Germany and Scandinavia.
• The roots and seeds also are edible.
• It is used as a medicinal herb.

Growing conditions for Sweet Cicely

• The plant grows well in Partial shade.
• The plants are used to Hardy soil.
• The plant needs well-drained soil.
• March to May is the best time to plant seeds.
• September to May is the best time to thin plants.
• May to June is the time of flowering plants.
• Sweet cicely self scatters its seeds.
• This plant can be invasive.
• Tilt the soil well before sowing the seeds
• Soil should be added with fertilizer and humus.
• The seeds need to germinate and one can use light to aid this process.
• This plant needs a few months of cold and a good frost first.
• Transplant this plant to about 2 feet apart.
• Transplant these plants in spring.
• The soil should be kept moist.
• Harvest these plants anytime.
• Oil is most concentrated during budding of the plant.

Caring conditions for Sweet Cicely

• Sweet cicely has no problems with pest and diseases.
• This plant likes a soil that is rich.
• This plant needs moist side of the soil.
• It grows well in a shaded location.
• Sweet Cicely is difficult to germinate.
• Freeze the seeds and then thaw before germinating.
• The seed needs to be fresh.
• This will enable to get a good germination rate.
• The plant can be invasive so remove the dried seeds in order to avoid self scattering.
• Harvest young leaves and stems.
• Leaves wilt quickly.
• So use them before drying out.

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