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July 2012
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What is Kelp Meal? What are its uses, benefits and drawbacks?

• Kelp meal is a very high-quality organic fertilizer.
• Kelp is a type of seaweed that’s harvested in the oceans or along the shore from seaweed that washes ashore.
• With an N-P-K ratio of approximately 1-0-2, it is a good source of nitrogen and potassium.
• It also contains minerals, amino acids, and trace amounts of other micro-nutrients.
• Kelp meal is seaweed, specifically Ascophyllus nodosum, and is harvested from the ocean.
• It can be added to vegetable and flower gardens, potting mixes, and lawns.
• Apply kelp meal at a rate of one pound per 100 square feet in spring (for annual plantings) or fall (for perennials).
• Seaweed or kelp meal fertilizer makes a great organic amendment to garden soil.
• It’s an excellent bio-activator.
• It helps in waking up all the microbes in the soil to help break down organic matter and make it available to plants.
• It also contains macro and micro nutrients, trace elements, and vital resources.
• Some people call any seaweed kelp, but kelp refers to one specific type of aquatic plant.

Why Kelp Fertilizer is great for Gardens?

These include:
• Abundant source of bioactivators
• Rich source of NPK
• Include micro nutrients and trace elements
• Breaks down quickly
• Sustainable source of fertilizer
• Completely organic

Drawbacks of Using Kelp Meal?

These include:
• Salt
• Worms hate it

How to use Kelp Meal?

• Use kelp and seaweed meal fertilizers according to the package directions.
• Most come as a powder or granular formula.
• Depending on the concentrate, kelp meal will be applied directly to the soil.
• You can make a kelp meal tea by adding some kelp meal to a gallon of water.
• Stir, and water plants with it.
• Foliar sprays using seaweed and kelp fertilizer provide an excellent source of fertilizer to stressed plants.
• Foliar sprays are excellent for most types of plants.
• Add organic kelp or seaweed fertilizer to about a gallon of water, stir, and add to a sprayer.
• Spray leaves according to package direction and plant needs.

To purchase kelp fertilizer:
Visit your favorite home and garden store, garden center and organic gardening store.

The following websites also provide kelp meal:

1. Dirt Works
• Sells fertilizer
• Sells bags of soluble kelp that can be used for foliar sprays and kelp meal plant teas.
2. Clean Air Gardening
• Sells a four pound bag of kelp meal.
3. Organic Garden Grower
• Sells Neptune’s Harvest brand kelp meal which is one of the most popular organic brands.

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