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July 2012
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What is Greensand? What are its uses and benefits?

What is Greensand?

• Greensand is a mineral based organic fertilizer. Greensand is an organic fertilizer that contains the deposits of minerals.
• Greensand is also called “glauconite”.
• Greensand has a bluish-green color.
• The NPK ratio for greensand is approximately 0-0-3.
• It is a good organic source of potash which is important for overall plant health and disease resistance.
• It can also be applied at a rate of 50 to 100 pounds per 1000 square feet to improve clay soils.
• Greensand is also a useful component of container garden soils and seed starting mixes.
• Greensand is a collection of minerals from ocean sediments deposited long ago.
• The primary constituent is glauconite, which incorporates potassium, magnesium, iron, lime and aluminum in its structure.
• Greensand is rich in potassium and magnesium and hence it’s been used as an organic fertilizer since the 1760s.

Benefits of Greensand

1. Water Purification
• When installed as the media in a filter bed, greensand is used to purify well water.
• Greensand removes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.
• It also removes their associated unpleasant odors from well water.
• Removal of these compounds also prevents the mineral staining of sinks and other fixtures.
• It also prevents stains from clothes in a washing machine.

2. Soil Conditioning
• Greensand absorbs one-third its weight in water.
• It makes it 10 times more absorbent than standard sand.
• When added to soil, it loosens heavy clay and binds loose, sandy soil.
• As a potting material it significantly reduces the need for watering.

3. Mineralization
• Greensand contains a wide variety of trace minerals.
• The gradual, long-term release of minerals into the soil is known as mineralization.
• It enhances the taste, color and nutritional value of plants.

4. Potassium Deficiencies
• Due to its high potash content, greensand acts a slow-release, insoluble source of potassium.
• To correct potassium deficiencies, greensand in amounts ranging from 800 pounds to 4,000 pounds per acre should be applied.

Uses of Greensand

1. Greensand Meal Use
• Used to improve a plants overall health.
• Used to increased root growth.
• Enhances soil structure – loosens heavy clay soil.
• Can be added to the surface or blended into the soil.
• Softens the effects of hard water.
• Improves drought tolerance.

How to Use Greensand in a Garden?
• Apply greensand to your garden to increase root growth of plants.
• The potassium helps root growth and the additional looseness of the soil.
• This will increase the supply of oxygen to the growing roots.
• Apply greensand to enhance soil structure.
• This can make soil nutrients more available in whatever soil you have.
• Apply greensand in low rainfall areas.
• This will soften the effects of hard water, acting as a buffer for your plants roots.
• It will also help your garden retain more of the water it gets.
• Use greensand to improve the drought tolerance of desert clay soil.
• It will help the soil retain and use the moisture that is available to it.
• This will be done without allowing the heavy clay mud to choke out the roots of the plants.
• Add greensand to container potting soil.
• It will significantly reduce the need to water.

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