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July 2012
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What is blood meal? How to use blood meal? – Part 2

Blood meal is a dry, inert powder made from blood used as a high-nitrogen fertilizer and a high protein animal feed. The percentages in such a meal is N = 13.25%, P = 1.0%, K = 0.6%. It is one of the highest non-synthetic sources of nitrogen. Blood meal is completely soluble and can be mixed with water to be used as a liquid fertilizer. It usually comes from cattle as a slaughterhouse by-product.

Storage and Handling

• Whole blood meal is available in bags or as bulk material.
• Whole blood meal is packaged in 50 pound poly-lined paper bags.

Some more information about Blood Meal

• Blood meal is dried animal blood, typically cow blood, but it can also be the blood of any animal that goes through meat packing plants.
• The blood is collected after the animals are killed and then dried to make a powder.
• Blood meal is a nitrogen amendment that you can add to your garden.
• Adding blood meal to garden soil will help raise the level of nitrogen and will help plants to grow more lush and green.
• The nitrogen in blood meal can also help raise the acid level of your soil.
• Blood meal is also used as a deterrent for some animals, such as moles, squirrels and deer.
• It is thought the smell of blood meal is not appealing to these animals.
• Blood meal can burn your plants if not used properly.
• Blood meal may also attract unwanted visitors, such as dogs, raccoons, possums and other meat eating or omnivorous animals.
• If you cannot find blood meal or you do not want to use blood meal, instead use feather meal or the vegetarian alternative, alfalfa meal.

Steps to use Blood Meal

• Add blood meal to your garden soil to raise the nitrogen content in the soil for healthier vegetable crops.
• Blood meal is water soluble, in can be dissolved in water to create a liquid fertilizer.
• Use blood meal fertilizer on soil that you want to make more acidic.
• This substance effectively lowers the pH in the soil.
• To find out the acidity of your garden soil before applying blood meal, take a sample to the local nursery for analysis.
• If you find the pH in your soil is too high, then blood meal may be the perfect way to prepare your soil for your planting.
• Watch your plants for signs of nitrogen deficiency throughout the growing season.
• One sign that your crops are not getting enough of this important nutrient is yellowing of leaves.
• An application of blood meal fertilizer during the growing season can return leaves to their green hue once again.
• Use blood meal fertilizer when your crops need immediate assistance.
• Blood meal is frequently used because it is one of the fastest acting fertilizers on the market today.
• A single application of blood meal is usually effective for 6 to 8 weeks before subsequent feedings are needed.

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