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July 2012
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What are fish and seaweed emulsions? – Part 1

What are fish and seaweed emulsions?

• Fish emulsion, fish meal, seaweed/kelp meal, and liquid seaweed/kelp are some of the most powerful natural. fertilizers and also the soil amendments in the world.
• Most commercial fish emulsions are rated NPK = 5-1-1.
• Most commercial liquid seaweed sprays are rated NPK = 0-0-1.
• There are lots of important trace elements, growth hormones, disease control, and organic matter in these fertilizers.
• Fish Emulsion is mainly used for its quick high organic nitrogen.
• It is available with soluble P and K benefits as a foliar feed.
• Fish Meal is mainly a great soil conditioner.
• It is also a great bacterial food to help feed the soil micro-herd.
• There is 4-5% organic N, 1% soluble P, and 1% soluble K in fish emulsion.
• There may be up to 6-8% total N, and 2-3% total insoluble P or K in it, that gets broken down later by the soil micro-herd.
• Most commercial fish products are made from the trash products of the menhaden fish.
• This fish is a relative of the herring, sardine, and anchovy fishes.
• Most commercial fish emulsions contain up to 5% sulfuric acid.
• This is in order to preserve the fertilizer on the shelf.
• It supplies needed sulfur to the plant and soil.
• Most economical fish products do not contain any fish oils in it.
• These oils supply extra beneficial soil fungi.
• Most also do not contain much fish bones and these are the ones that supply extra calcium.
• Seaweed/Kelp has a low NPK = 0-0-1.
• There are more insoluble NPK nutrients and other trace elements in the seaweed product.
• There may be up to 1-3% total N, 1-2% total insoluble P, 3-5% total insoluble K in seaweed products.
• Seaweed/kelp can contain 60 trace elements, many growth hormones, and disease control properties in it.
• If seaweed products are mixed with high N products like fish, an excellent complete natural fertilizer and soil amendment is available.
• This will supply every NPK and trace element need of the soil and plant.
• Seaweed and other algae plants are some of the most powerful plants on earth.
• Seaweed is also an excellent food source for beneficial fungi in the soil.

Benefits of Home-made product instead of a commercial one

• It’s cheaper to make most natural fertilizers.
• These can be used in soil amendments in large quantities.
• There are some nutrients that you get from homemade versions.
• Commercial fish emulsion processed from trash fish will have less fish oil, fish bones, and proteins.
• This is comparatively less than fresh fish parts or canned fish in a homemade brew.
• Aerobic bacteria and fungi are essential to hot composting, disease control, and soil health.
• In commercial fish emulsions, there is no little to any aerobic bacteria in the containers.

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