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March 2012
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Androstephium caeruleum which is also known as blue funnel-lily is an herbaceous perennial.

Image of Androstephium Caeruleum plant at Google

Androstephium caeruleum which is also known as blue funnel-lily is an herbaceous perennial.

– This perennial grows from corms and belongs to the Liliaceae family.
– The flowers of this plant are light blue to violet purple flowers.
– This plant can grow up to a height of 35 cm.
– Its habitat is found in prairies and on grassy slopes in its native range within Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas of the United States.
– The seeds of this perennial are dispersed by wind.
– The bulb can grow to about .2 m (0ft 8in).
– They flower from February to March.
– The scent is sweet and grape like.
– The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Insects.
– The corm was eaten in West Texas.
– Androstephium caeruleum does not attract these beautiful hummingbird, sunbird or nectar feeding varieties of garden birds.

Growing/Caring conditions for Androstephium caeruleum
• This plant needs a hardy zone of 8.
• The plant prefers light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils.
• This plant needs well drained soil.
• The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils.
• This plant will grow best in full sun to partial shade.
• This plant prefers Wet soil a pH of 7.
• Keep the soil moist.
• Seeds should be sown in a cold frame.
• Once the seedlings are large enough, transplant them into individual pots.
• Grow them in a greenhouse until large enough.
• When the plants are dormant in autumn, plant outdoors.
• Divide in late summer.
• Feed a fertilizer.
• The fertilizer could be a typical mix of: 3 parts Nitrogen (N), 2 parts Phosphorous (P) and 3 parts Potassium (K for Latin name Kalium).

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