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February 2012
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Anthemis Tinctoria, also known as Golden Marguerite belongs to the genus Anthemis and to the Sunflower family.

Image of Anthemis Tinctoria plant at Google

Anthemis tinctoria which is also known as Golden Marguerite, Marguerite Daisy, Dyer’s Chamomile, Ox-eye Chamomile, Boston Daisies, Paris Daisies and Yellow Chamomile belongs to the genus Anthemis and to the Sunflower family (Asteraceae). This plant is native to Europe. It is found in e Mediterranean and western Asia.

– It is a biennial that is short lived.
– The plant has bright green foliage that is aromatic and is feathery.
– The leaves are bipinnated and serrate and downy.
– The plant can grow up to a height of 60cm.
– The flowers are yellow in color and daisy like in appearance.
– The flowers are terminal on long angular stems.
– They bloom from May – September.
– The blooming is profuse in summer.
– The stems are tall to about 1m height and herbaceous.
– They are erect, multiple from base and produce stolons.
– If crushed, they are fragrant.
– The leaves are sessile and alternate.
– The divisions are toothed and upper leaves are shorter than the lower leaves.
– They have Single flower head terminating stem like inflorescence.
– It is used in excellent yellow, buff and golden-orange dyes, used in the past for fabrics.
– The plant has no use in culinary.

Growing Conditions for Anthemis tinctoria
– Sow the Anthemis seeds on the surface of the soil.
– The spacing between should be about 30-60 centimeters.
– The seeds should be sown either in early spring or early autumn.
– This plant needs full sunlight to partial shade to grow well.
– Sow the seeds indoors to start off.
– The soil should be well drained.
– The soil type should be lime.
– The germination of seeds takes about eight to fifteen days.
– Plant the seeds about eight to ten weeks before planting outdoors.
– Plant out in early spring with a light frost.

Caring Conditions for Anthemis Tinctoria
– These plants are susceptible to mildew and so avoid damp and air tight areas.
– Plant where air circulation is good enough.
– Do not over water the plant.
– Provide the plant with good amount of sunlight.
– It is better to sow the seeds indoors first and then move outdoors in spring or in autumn.
– The plant will need staking during heavy rainfall periods and time of high winds.
– It is best to divide the plants every three years.
– This is for avoiding deterioration of plants.

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