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February 2012
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Anemone – a flowering plant belonging to buttercup family Ranunculaceae.

Image of Anemone plant at Google

– Anemone is a genus that contains about 120 species of flowering plants that belong to the buttercup family Ranunculaceae.
– They are found in the north and south temperate zones.
– Anemone in Greek means “daughter of the wind”.
– These are perennials which have basal leaves.
– The stems are upright and have long leaves.
– The leaves of Anemone can be simple to compound with lobed or parted blades.
– The margins of these leaves can be toothed or entire.
– The flowers are in umbels with 4-27 petals.
– The fruit is ovoid and in a tight cluster.
– The flowers are of various colors that range from scarlet, crimson, blue, purple, and white.
– They are used as cut flower.
– Anemone species are sometimes targeted by cutworms, the larvae of noctuid moths such as Angle Shades and Heart and Dart.

There are approximately 150 species and they are:
– Anemone baicalensis
– Anemone blanda
– Greek Windflower
– Anemone canadensis
– Anemone caroliniana
– Anemone chinensis
– Anemone coronaria
– Poppy Anemone
– Anemone cylindrica
– Anemone deltoidea
– Anemone drummondii
– Anemone hortensis
– Anemone hupehensis
– Chinese Anemone var. japonica
– Japanese Anemone
– Anemone lancifolia
– Anemone multifida
– Anemone narcissiflora
– Narcissus Anemone
– Anemone nemorosa
– European Wood Anemone
– Anemone occidentalis
– Western pasqueflower
– Anemone oregana
– Anemone parviflora
– Anemone quinquefolia
– American Wood Anemone
– Anemone ranunculoides
– Yellow Woodland Anemone
– Anemone riparia
– Anemone sylvestris
– Snowdrop Windflower
– Anemone thomsonii
– Anemone trifolia
– Anemone tuberosa
– Anemone virginiana
– Former Pulsatilla species
– Anemone pulsatilla
– Pasque Flower

– These plants need full sun.
– This plant needs hardy zones of 5 to 9.
– Plant the anemone bulbs depending on their variety.
– Plant the spring flowering anemone bulb in early to mid fall.
– Plant the summer flowering anemone bulb after the last frost date.
– Expose the location to at least 6 hours of sun each day.
– Add compost to the soil of the planting location.
– These bulbs need loose soil and well drained soil.
– Soak the bulbs in a container with half of the bulb in water to about 2-4 hours.
– Place the anemone bulbs in a hole that is about 1-2 inches deep.
– Space these bulbs to about 5-6 inches apart.
– Cover with soil.
– Water well.
– Let the soil dry in between watering.

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