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December 2011
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Allspice which is also known as Jamaica pepper, kurundu, myrtle pepper, pimento or new spice is a spice.

Image of Allspice plant at Google

Allspice which is also known as Jamaica pepper, kurundu, myrtle pepper, pimento or new spice is a spice. This is actually a dried unripe fruit of Pimenta dioica. This tree is a native of the Greater Antilles, southern Mexico and Central America. As this spice has combined flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves it is given the name Allspice. This tree can grow up to a height of between 32 and 60 feet. It is a dioecious tree and a tropical evergreen plant.

This spice is actually picked from the fruit when green and unripe and then dried in the sun. They resemble brown peppercorns.

Other Names of Allspice:
– English Spice, Jamaica Pepper, Clove Pepper, Myrtle Pepper, Pimenta, Pimento
– French: pimenta, tout-épice
– German: Jamikapfefer
– Italian: pimento
– Spanish: pimiento de Jamaica
– Indian: kabab cheene, seetful

– The leaves are also used for cooking usually fresh.
– These leaves have bay leaves texture and are removed after cooking.
– These are not usually used dried as the flavor is lost.
– An essential oil is also used of allspice called eugenol oil.
– It is used in jerk seasoning, in moles, in pickling, sausage preparations, curry powders, desserts and cakes.
– It is used as a deodorant, antimicrobial agent, indigestion and for gas relief.

The bark is grey in color and the leaves are elliptic and glossy dark green in color. The leaves are about 15 cm (6 in) long. The flowers are white in color that blooms in mid summer. The fruit is green and they turn purple on becoming ripe.

Growing/Caring conditions of Allspice trees:
– This plant can tolerate only periods of light frost.
– It can withhold temperatures below 26 degrees.
– This plant must be kept indoors during winter.
– The trees spacing should be about 10m (30 feet ) apart.
– The location of the plant should be such that it receives at least 40 percent of the day’s sunlight.
– Younger trees will need more light for healthy growth.
– Add well moistened fertilizer to the tree like a tropical plant fertilizer.
– A plant food that is mixed 30-10-10 is best served to the tree.
– Feed the tree with plant food for every three to five weeks.
– Water the tree well and do not allow the surface of the soil dry.
– This tree can be pruned in the spring to summer months.
– Prune the tree indoors too annually to avoid overgrowing.
– This tree can be cultivated from the seeds.
– Cuttings are not useful for cultivating this tree.
– Either the acidity or the elevated temperature is required germinating these seeds.

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