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December 2011
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Restrepia abbreviated as Rstpis is a genus of orchids belonging to the orchid family, Orchidaceae.

Image of Restrepia plant at Google

Restrepia is a genus of orchids belonging to the orchid family, Orchidaceae. Restrepia is abbreviated Rstp in horticultural trade. This genus comprises of 49 species of orchids. This genus is named in honor of Don Jose Restrepo. They are found in Andes and Venezuela, with some into Central America up to southern Mexico.

Three subgenera are recognized.
– Elegant Restrepia
– (Restrepia elegans)
– Hairy Tongued Restrepia
– (Restrepia trichoglossa)Restrepia aberrans (Panama).
– Restrepia antennifera : Antennae-carrying Restrepia (W. South America to NW. Venezuela).
– Restrepia aristulifera (Venezuela).
– Restrepia aspasicensium (Colombia to NW. Venezuela).
– Restrepia brachypus : Short-column Foot Restrepia (W. South America to Venezuela).
– Restrepia chameleon : Color-changing Restrepia (Colombia).
– Restrepia chocoensis : Chocó Restrepia (Colombia).
– Restrepia chrysoglossa (Colombia).
– Restrepia citrina : Lemon-yellow Restrepia (Colombia).
– Restrepia cloesii (Peru).
– Restrepia condorensis : Condor-like Restrepia (SE. Ecuador).
– Restrepia contorta : Twisted Restrepia (W. South America).
– Restrepia cuprea : Copper-colored Restrepia (Colombia).
– Restrepia cymbula (Ecuador).
– Restrepia dodsonii : Dodson’s Restrepia (Ecuador).
– Restrepia echinata (E. Colombia to Peru).
– Restrepia echo (Colombia).
– Restrepia elegans : Elegant Restrepia (Colombia to NW. Venezuela).
– Restrepia ephippium (Ecuador).
– Restrepia escobariana (Colombia).
– Restrepia falkenbergii : Falkenberg’s Restrepia (Colombia).
– Restrepia flosculata : Small-flowered Restrepia Colombia to NW. Ecuador).
– Restrepia guttulata : Small-spotted Restrepia (Venezuela to Ecuador).
– Restrepia iris : Rainbow Restrepia (SE. Ecuador).
– Restrepia jesupiana (Venezuela).
– Restrepia lansbergii (NW. Venezuela to NC. Peru).
– Restrepia limbata (Colombia).
– Restrepia mendozae (SE. Ecuador).
– Restrepia metae (Colombia).
– Restrepia mohrii : Mohr’s Restrepia (Peru).
– Restrepia muscifera : Fly-carrying Restrepia (S. Mexico to Ecuador).
– Restrepia nittiorhyncha (Colombia).
– Restrepia pandurata (Colombia).
– Restrepia pelyx (Colombia).
– Restrepia piperitosa (Peru).
– Restrepia portillae (Ecuador).
– Restrepia purpurea : Purple Restrepia (Colombia).
– Restrepia radulifera (Venezuela).

Growing/Caring conditions for Restrepia
– Select a location which receives natural sunlight.
– Care should be taken that the location is not too hot.
– Indirect light is preferred in summer.
– Plant the orchid in the location.
– Water the orchid well.
– Care should be taken, not to overwater the orchid.
– Keep the orchid moist.
– Plant blooms in the fall to spring.
– Repotting annually is better for some orchids.

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