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November 2011
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Agastache Rugosa also known as Korean Mint, Blue Licorice is an erect perennial.

Image of Agastache Rugosa plant at Google

Agastache rugosa which is also known as Korean Mint, Blue Licorice, Purple Giant
Hyssop, Huo xiang, Indian Mint, Patchouli Herb, Wrinkled Giant Hyssop is an erect perennial that can grow up to a height of 4′ (1.2m) and a width of 18″ (45cm). It is a medicinal and an ornamental plant that belongs to the family Lamiaceae and is a native to China, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, and Japan.

This is one of the fundamental herbs out of the 50 main ones that are used in traditional Chinese medicine. The plant is an antibacterial, antifungal, antipyretic, aromatic, anticancer, anti-atherogenic, carminative, diaphoretic, refrigerant, and stomachic properties.

The main chemical constituents of the plant are:
– Estragole, Plant
– P-Anisaldehyde, Plant
– P-Methoxy-cinnamaldehyde, Shoot
– Pachypodol, Leaf

Agastache rugosa has strong minty aromatic leaves that are about 2.5″-3″ (6-8cm) in length and is ovate toothed. It has white hairy underside. The flowers are violet to pinkish purple in color. They are borne on spikes that are about 2″-4″ (5-10cm) in length. They bloom from mid-summer to autumn that is late spring until frost. They attract Hummingbird, butterfly and bees. Chinese make an herbal tea out of the leaves.

It is used as a cut or dried flower for decoration. In Far East too it is used to treat fevers and digestive tract disorders.The flowers are 2-4 inches tall and are quite stubby and fat. They are conical in shape. When the flowers are seeding they look like tabby cat tails in furry green color. It is used as an herbal fungicide for potato crops.

Flowers also are used to make herbal tea along with leaves of this perennial. It has stomach setting properties. But if one sensitive of mint, do not use this herbal tea as it can upset the stomach.

Growing/Caring conditions for Agastache Rugosa :
– This plant can be propagated from seed.
– Sow the seed to about 4 mm deep.
– This plant needs a germination temperature of 15-22 C.
– The seeds usually germinate in about 7-21 days.
– The plant is best grown in USDA zone 7-11.
– This plant need full sun to partial shade but prefers lots of sunshine.
– This plant needs moderately fertile and well drained soil.
– It needs high humidity and hence it should be maintained.
– Plant in frost free spots.
– Mulch the plant to retain moisture.
– Seeds that are over watered are prone to rot and fail to germinate.
– Maintain evenly moist soil.

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