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October 2011
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Acorus Gramineus also known as Dwarf sedge, grassy-leaved sweet flag, dwarf sweet flag – a perennial shrub

Image of Acorus Gramineus plant at Google

Acorus gramineus which is also known as Dwarf sedge, grassy-leaved sweet flag, dwarf sweet flag, Japanese rush, Japanese sweet flag belongs to the family Acorus. It is native to Japan and more specifically to eastern Asia and is found in wetlands and shallow water. This is a perennial shrub that can grow up to a height of 0.3m / 11.8inches and spread of 0.3m / 11.8inches.

This shrub has long curved leaves that are about 30cm (12 inches) in height. It grows well in very moist soil. The leaves are in glossy green color. They are usually found in edges of pond and water gardens. The foliage is grass like and it is a wetland aquatic perennial. The flowers are like little horns. They bloom in midsummer. The stems are hollow and erect. The plants that grow in water only produce the flowers. This plant is good as a beautiful groundcover for bog gardens. This plant can be used as a strewing herb. When it is spread on floor, it emits a pleasant smell when trodden. It has a strong scent like that of cinnamon.

This shrub is not an aquatic plant but a bog plant.

Growing/Caring conditions for Acorus Gramineus:
– This shrub needs very moist soil.
– It needs Full sun to partial shade.
– It needs plenty of water.
– The leaves will change to brown and wither if not watered properly.
– The soil hardiness ranges from USDA Zones 6 – 9.
– The pH of water required should be 6.8 – 7.5.
– This shrub can be grown by rhizomes division.
– The propagation should be done in spring.
– Plant the divisions in a pot first and once established, the shrub can be planted outside.
– The rhizome is split and before planting, let the rhizome toughen.
– To prevent spreading, it can be grown in containers.
– It will take about 2-3 years to reach its maximum height.
– It can be used as a border plant for ponds.
– Clearly, it is a bog plant and not an aquatic plant and hence completely submerging this plant in water will kill the plant.
– The dead plant matter will pollute the water too if the plant is completely submerged in water.
– Acorus gramineus’s most of the part must be left above the surface when you plant it.

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