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October 2011
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Acokanthera schimperi is a round evergreen perennial shrub – a medicinal plant

Image of Acokanthera schimperi plant at Google

Acokanthera schimperi which is also known by the names arrow-poison plant, arrow poison tree, kivai, muricu, murichu, merez, marid, keliot, karraru (Borana), k’arraaru (Gabra), kelyot (Kipsigis), olmorijoi (Maa), mururu (Meru), kelion (Pokot), ilmorijoi (Samburu), kelyon (Tugen) belongs to the family of Apocynaceae. It is native to East Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and DR Congo and Yemen. It is a round evergreen perennial shrub that can grow up to a height of 7 meters.

This plant has acovenoside A and ouabaïne, which are cardiotonic glycosides. It is a medical plant that is used to treat skin problems, venereal diseases and an aphrodisiac. The fruit is edible and ripe fruits are sweet. It grows in bush lands on rocky hillsides, especially on red or black rocky soils; common in dry highland forests and bushed grasslands like in Kenya.

Growing/Caring conditions for Acokanthera Schimperi:
– Seeds require light for germination.
– Germination occurs when planted ¼ inch deep.
– Seeds also require a germination temperature of 18–24 °C (64–75 °F).
– Soil should be well drained.
– Plant the seedlings 12 to 18 inches apart for better and prolonged growth.
– It may suffer from mildew or root rot so avoid it by placing it in well drained soil.
– The site needs full sun or light shade.
– Plant in early to late spring.
– Plant the yarrow in soil and cover it up.
– Water occasionally.
– Do not allow water accumulation.
– Divide in early spring to fall.
– The site needs full sun or light shade.
– Plant in spring.
– The plant prefers light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils.
– The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils.
– It can grow in semi-shade (light woodland) or no shade.

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