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October 2011
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Leucophyllum pruinosum also known as Bubble gum sage – a perennial large shrub

Image of Leucophyllum pruinosum plant at palmdale

Leucophyllum pruinosum which is also known as Bubble gum sage is a perennial large shrub that can grow up to a height of 6 feet and wide about 6 feet. The shrub bears purple flowers and the fragrance is like grape bubble gum. The foliage is silver-gray in color and soft in texture. It is also known as floppy type of foliage. The shrub has a sprawly growth habit.

The leaves are grayish white in color and soft and velvety to touch. The leaves are about ½ inch in length and ½ inch in width. The flowers bloom from June. The hardiness zones of 7-10 and to a temperature of 10 ° F. The growth conditions are best in a well-drained soil, and in full or partial sun.

The shrub has extensive root system. This shrub can be supplied with a general purpose fertilizer.This shrub is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds.

Growing conditions for Leucophyllum pruinosum:
– Sow the seeds in autumn.
– This plant needs full sun and so select such a location.
– The shrub grows with hardiness of USDA of 7-10 and to a temperature of 10 ° F.
– This herb needs well drained soil.
– Add sandy compost in a greenhouse and sow the seeds.
– The seeds emerge seedlings and this is when prick the seedlings and transplant them in pots.
– Transplant them in late spring or early summer.
– Plants can be divided in early spring.
– Grow the plants in light shade until they root well.
– Plant them outside in summer.
– If cuttings are taken, plant in summer.
– Water this plant on alternate days for a week.
– This plant likes dry conditions.
– Pinch off the top of the stem to ensure new growth after 4 weeks.

Care for Leucophyllum candidum:
– This perennial herb needs gritty well-drained soil.
– The perennial needs sunny position.
– It tolerates dry soils.
– Do not disturb the root once the plants are established.
– Fertilize this wormwood using liquid or general fertilizer every spring.
– Mulch the plant around to about 2-3 inches.
– Prune the shrub periodically for encouraging new growth.
– Add compost while planting.
– This plant needs about an hour of sunshine minimum daily.
– Prune the old leaves in the fall season.

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