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September 2011
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Krascheninnikovia Lanata is also known as Winter Fat – a small shrub.

Image of Krascheninnikovia Lanata plant at Google

Krascheninnikovia lanata which is also known as winter fat belongs to amaranth family and is a small shrub. This shrub can grow up to a height of eight to ten feet.This shrub is a native of North America from central Canada to northern Mexico.

This shrub grows well in salty soils and alkali flats. The stems are erect with lance shaped leaves that are in length of about 3 centimeters. The stems of this shrub can grow up to a height of between one half and one meter, 1.5-3 feet. Both the stems and foliage has woolly white hairs and are red in color. The stems tops have spiked inflorescence. This shrub is monoecious and has staminate flowers and some pistillate flowers. The flowers develop into tiny white fruits with silky hairs. These hairs are dispersed by wind. In warm climates, this shrub grows as a perennial but in general it is a perennial and an evergreen shrub.

This shrub is well used by grazing domestic and wild animals. This shrub is named after a botanist who was from Russian named Stepan Krasheninnikov. This plant attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. This shrub species flowers range from reds, oranges, and yellows, to white, pinks, and purples.
This shrub can be grown indoors and in hanging baskets or in a garden yard or as a border plant.

Growing conditions of Krascheninnikovia lanata:
– This shrub is propagated form cuttings mostly.
– Water the plant before taking the cutting.
– Take a branch that is not very green and that has not grown a flower bud.
– Cut the branch to about fourth node from the tip.
– Put this cutting in a water container.
– Prepare a planting site by fertilizing the site and the location should receive full sun.
– Place the cutting in the site.
– The cutting can be placed in mid-summer and fall.
– They will root within weeks.
– Water the shrub occasionally.

Care for Krascheninnikovia Lanata :
– Take a cutting that is not too green as if it is too green, it might not survive long and a woody branch may not grow at all.
– If propagating from seeds, seeds need to be soaked in hot water.
– This shrub needs sand and clay loam soil.
– This needs well drained soil.
– Do not over water.
– This perennial needs full sun.
– Light fertilizer may be added in early spring.
– It can become invasive so be careful.

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